Yoga Therapy for Neck & Shoulders

Join Gary Kraftsow for a classic master yoga posture for stretching the neck & shoulders. Please warm up prior to trying this posture.

Most of us will experience neck and/or shoulder pain at some point during our lives. Whether it’s related to cumulative stress, a pathological condition, or an injury, yoga therapy can help provide relief. In this program, which is part workshop, part practice, Gary Kraftsow—a pioneer in yoga for health, healing, and personal transformation for over 40 years—explores principles and practices of yoga therapy specifically related to the neck and shoulders.

You’ll gain a foundational understanding of the neck and shoulders in these categories:

-Anatomy and movement
-Signs and symptoms of a problem
-Types of injuries
-General treatment goals from a yoga therapy perspective
-Contraindications for neck and shoulder conditions, including a discussion about how certain asanas such as headstand and shoulder stand can be problematic
-Yoga therapy strategies for working with neck-and-shoulder-related conditions (both general and condition-specific)
-Lifestyle recommendations

You’ll also acquire insight into a range of other topics related to yoga therapy for the neck and shoulders, including how certain movement practices can lead to injury, the role of headaches in neck pain, when therapeutic touch can be appropriate and when it isn’t, and more.

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