Travel at Your Own Risk, Vaccine Free Countries

Be sure to checkout the updated video with more destinations and new countries opening to the unvaxx’d
PART 2 :

Today’s video explores countries that welcome unvaccinated travelers. Two countries on this list currently have 0 covid related travel restrictions. The rest of the countries mentioned require proof of a negative covid test result. Whether you’re flying with the vax or not, you now know a few places to go to or avoid.

IVISA is a great resource for checking travel requirements, obtaining whatever travel documents are needed throughout your travels.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Mexico & El Salvador
5:39 UAE
7:12 Greece
8:06 Tanzania
9:34 Cyprus
10:17 Turkey
12:10 Jordan
13:36 Maldives
14:31 Belize
17:14 Georgia
18:22 Outro

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