Kedarnath Yatra 2020 || Vasuki Tal Trek Route, Untouched Himalayas of Kedarnath, Ep05

This is the 5th episode of Kedarnath Yatra, in this video, we have tried to reach the highest peak of Vasuki tal trek, We were not aware of the whole trek, so we decided to at least aim for the best.

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Vasuki tal trek route map

The trek to Vasuki Tal is generally completed in the day itself from Kedarnath, with trekkers returning to Kedarnath to spend the night.
Trekking to the enchanted Vasuki Tal is considered to be a moderately difficult trek, especially for first time trekkers.
Some adventurous trekkers can start trekking right away from, while others can take a pony ride till Kedarnath shrine and then trek towards Vasuki Tal.
It is 8km trek from Kedarnath and 24 kms trek from nearest road head at Gauri Kund.
The trek commences from Gaurikund, which is the nearest road head to the Vasuki Tal. From Gaurikund, the trekkers pass through lush greenery to reach Rambara. From Rambara, one has to reach Garur Chatti before halting for the night at Kedarnath.
Next morning, trekkers need to reach Vasuki Top which is 7 kms from the Kedarnath. The icy Vasuki Tal is just 900 meters downhill trek from the Vasuki Top. In the beginning, the Vasuki Tal is easy for first 3-4 kms and gradually ascends from there on..

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