Airport Travel Tips: 20 Things to Know Before You Fly

20 tips to help you have a calm and stress free experience on your next trip through an Airport. Air travel can be a hectic and miserable experience for inexperienced travelers. But if you know the tricks of the frequent flier you’ll be able to relax and not be stressed about your trip.

1 – Check in online

2 – Print your boarding pass AND itinerary

3 – Check your flight status before going
Know what terminal you are leaving from and what airline to check in with
Subscribe for flight updates

4 – Download the mobile app for your airline

5 – Bring an empty bottle for water

6 – Get to the airport early

7 – Consider arriving at the airport on the “Arrivals” level

8 – Parking at the airport? Take a picture of your parking spot.

9 – Look at the airport monitor when you get there

10 – Get in the best line to “check in”
Self check in, status, class of service

11 – Hungry? Figure out where food is before security

12 – Get in the best security line
Sometimes it’s not the closest
If lines are long might be worthwhile to go to another terminal
Status, class, short connection

13 – Security tips:
Wear easy to take off shoes
No metal on your clothes
No big belt buckles, no jewelry
Put all your metal in your bag before you get in line
Keep all your liquids together in an easy to access spot
Same for electronics
Pre Check – Global Entry
Did you get the SSSS boarding pass? Prepare for extra screening
Be nice, they are just doing their job

14 – Check the airport monitor again – and regularly

15 – Fill up your water bottle, buy food

16 – Go to the restroom

17 – Lots of time before you flight?
Relax in the lounge
Go for a walk

18 – Get to your gate 15 minutes before boarding time
Sometimes gates change, it might be a long walk to the new gate
Check the monitor on the gate to make sure it hasn’t moved

19 – Get your “plane stuff” ready so once you are on board it’s easy to take out what you need

20 – Flight delayed, cancelled?

Don’t just wait like a sheep at the gate line
1 – Call the airline while you are standing in line
2 – Use the mobile app to rebook
3 – Self service kiosks in the airport
4 – Agents in the lounge if you have lounge access
5 – Go back to the front ticket counters

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  • I'm flying next week through southwest do you think I should upgrade for seating ?

  • I tried the tile, and it didn’t work I was going from America to Europe and I couldn’t track my bag at all.

  • W

    The paper thing isn't necessary. We are adults here I bring two portable chargers, my phone will never die. I screenshot my ticket and it's saved to my gallery. . In case I have no internet at the airport.

  • case you are ever losing an item when you’re trying to find it after you’ve gone through the security check

  • Bring your boarding passcase you are ever losing an item when you’re trying to find it after you’ve gone through the security check

  • I’m blue United and I like that I could check on through their app I would also get updates about flights which was great because my return flight was delayed due to a storm

  • Save you iten. To pics. Foreign countries have crappy Wi-Fi

  • I hate to fly. It’s miserable. I fly often and it never gets better. Horrible service. Always check in on line. I’m old enough to be you grandma

  • We put a tracking tiles in our bags when we travel. Each suitcase gets its own tracking Tile. We always know where they’re at even if the airlines do not.

  • This is excellent! Is there an update?


  • Duty free shops can be more expensive than high street shops. Check out YouTube

  • Can i bring pack food to during layover .like ricen chicken at Mcdonalds ..from the Phil.

  • Southwest fav becuz they have good flights going to where I want to go.

  • Thank you for the advices

  • Thought I would say this and people will hate me but I was one of the people that put in the domestic baggage X-ray and conveyor belt system at YVR, (Vancouver International Airport). I felt like Tom Hanks spending 20 hrs a day 7 days a week installing them and living in the airport.

  • The last time I took an aircraft I registered with the airline and they sent me text messages to my phone when the flight arrived, when it was boarding and so on. No worry about sitting in the bar and missing my flight. Just a worry about being too drunk to board.

  • What idiot would want to lick the seats?

  • Bingo on taking a photo of your parking sport at an airport lot. More than once I've been one of those wandering around looking for my car. Especially in the winter when the cars are covered by snow. A remote starter helps but please don't trigger the car alarm.

  • About tracking apps in checked bags – What about the warnings about not operating cell phones and other wireless devices while in flight? I left an iPad on during one flight and nothing was mentioned. I was able to use it to track my flight.

  • I love using the phone to check in and get seat assignments. However, I always print out my itinerary and flight information. It can often be easier to read that and show to an agent.

  • Heads up, if you have felonies, even if expunged or sealed, you will have a 98% of being denied TSA pre ✔️ status. Check TSA's sitr before applying.

  • Love the take a picture of where you park asked by freind to do so and she did not. Get back and can’t find car sheriff on bicycle in garage he located with my VIN. Love to travel love listening to your tip and other videos. I’ve noticed some airports have filtered water stations. SNA and SFO

  • I prepay my upfront fees and scored a $128 r/t on Alaska in First Class from SJC-LAX with Lounge Access at LAX, luggage and bonus miles and EQM. It costs me less than Economy to fly First.

  • CSA = Customer Service Agent

  • It is so exhausting to watch 1 hour video to see those 20 tips :/

  • I recently stopped at Dulles enroute to Charlotte Douglas. I do agree that the food isn't that expensive. I was surprised. I was flying United from PIT to CLT

  • The melodic ikebana speculatively squeak because epoxy importantly refuse alongside a bad bucket. righteous, well-made christmas

  • I just found your site and love your tips. I know this is an old Video but it is totally on point. I travelled for about 12 years across the country as a military health rep… I think I was in the air more than I was on the ground and your tips are invaluable I'm going to look at the newer broadcast you have but this one is really on point. Thanks for all the great tips for all those people that are just starting to travel

  • Southwest because free luggage.

  • With Southwest pay the $15 to $25 for early bird check in.

  • The Venetian is part of IHG
    This is from a Vages video and I just thought of it.
    Good work

  • Tip number six is my big one. I set off for the airport very far in advance and never stress over any delays in getting to the airport, checking in, or getting through security. I’d much rather be surprised because I’m at my gate with a lot of time to spare, than be surprised that the delays were far worse than I thought they’d be.

  • You say you check in online. Where do you print your tickets — at home or via a machine when you arrive at the terminal?

  • That Yellow Productions number holding hand is definitely a creative touch.

  • Aloha from Maui. Thank you for your tips.

  • Still sucking on junk food when you talking ??

  • Hello. Bro. hwru god bles ട. U

  • So about flights first thing in the morning… In general, I agree with you. However, on our last Southwest flight departing at 5:20am, our entire cabin crew overslept! They had their alarms set to central time supposedly (what? who doesn't use cell phones this day and age?), so they all were late for the flight. Entire flight was delayed by almost an hour. So here's a huzzard for early flights… Entire crew can oversleep! True story! That was a flight out from SEA to SJC.

  • My whole family loves your videos!

  • hello how is istambul airport for the transit people

  • I have a tip to add, BEFORE you leave, make sure your cell phone carrier AND YOUR OWN ACCOUNT SPECIFICALLY has service where you are going, especially if traveling internationally, and make sure you download "WhatsApp" (a text and call app) that allows you to make/receive calls and texts most anywhere (but you still need Wifi or internet service).
    I flew from Texas to France only to realize I had no phone service outside my hotel (because the hotel had free wifi) with MetroPCS (owned by T-Mobile) even though I had WhatsApp.
    Also, make sure you leave enough time between transferring flights to get to the gate for your connecting flight. I blindly purchased my ticket as it appeared in the Google search without checking the times between transfers and EVERY TIME I landed at one airport to transfer planes, I had to hurriedly walk from one end of the airport to the other (literally – it was always the furthest gate from where I was) for my connecting flight and each time I barely made it and was the last one to enter the plane. And on one occasion, my gate was changed so my boarding pass didn't work and the ticket agent had to print a different boarding pass for me. So I would suggest at least an hour between transfer flights – check that BEFORE you accept and pay for your ticket! Because you may think it's great that there is not much down time between flights but ultimately you are going to need that extra time for unseen variables.
    Also, if you travel frequently, you should sign-up for TSA pre-check which gets you through security faster.
    If you wear glasses, travel with more than one pair!

  • I enjoy your videos. Here are some things I do while flying. First, I do wear tied athletic shoes on the plane because those are the shoes I walk in while in London. However, I loosen (and re-tie) the laces once I get into my seat so that your feet can be more comfortable. Also, I never, ever remove my shoes! If something nasty happens, and I have to exit the plane in an emergency, I don't want to waste time putting on shoes (wasted time could be the determining factor between life and death). Along those "nasty things" lines, I always loop my small cross-body day purse under my jacket throughout the flight. Again, if I have to leave the plane in a hurry, at least I have my money, credit cards, passport with me already on my body. If my overhead suitcase can never be recovered, at least I have the financial resources with me to purchase whatever I need. Lastly, I never, ever check baggage — only one overhead bag and a personal item. I wash my socks, undies and T-shirts every night at the hotel to trim those items from my bag. You'd be surprised how little you need when you actually think about it. And if you run out of something, you can always buy it at your destination.

  • 20:05 I, too, like getting to the airport 3-4 hours early to go the the Delta Airlines Sky Lounge. I enjoy flying 1st Class.

  • Where did you get that panda from

  • Good video very helpful thanks 👍

  • Hi Chris , I really enjoy all your live streams. When I can't watch them live , I enjoy watching them at my leisure. Always great info, I have learnt tons. Thanks you have a great travel channel .

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