8 Hacks to NEVER pay for Luggage | NO OVERWEIGHT fees + extra FREE carry-on

Genius travel hacks to never pay for an OVERWEIGHT bag at the airport in 2022. Get an extra carry-on for FREE at the the airport.

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Airline luggage limits are getting even lower, making the chances of having to pay for an overweight checked or carry-on bag in 2022 high. In today’s video, I’ll share when your bag will be weighed at the airport and how you can avoid having to pay a fee if your bag is overweight. I’ll also share my FAVOURITE travel hack to get a third carry-on for free.

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0:00 Never pay for overweight bag at the airport
0:20 Airport check-in
0:36 Boarding the plane with luggage
0:56 When you need to pay for a bag
1:05 Arrive early
1:44 Redistribute items
2:03 Load yourself up with items
2:36 Throw something away
2:57 Use friends and family
3:30 Use online check-in
3:55 How much luggage can you bring through airport security
4:10 Have you ever flown with just carry-on luggage?
4:30 Pack a carry-on backpack and suitcase
4:55 Does you backpack get weighed?
5:08 Travel hack for an extra free carry-on
6:02 Airline luggage weight limits
6:20 Best ways to pack light & packing hacks


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  • She missed the most important point.
    1) Invest in a good luggage scale ,
    2) weigh your bags before leaving for airport preferably a day before
    3) keep a buffer of 1 or 1.5 kg when you pack your bags, this is because for some reason your bags weight show a bit higher when weighed at airport check in counter.
    4) A travel luggage scale can also help you save luggage fee when returning from a trip/ vacation . That's one of the time most people's luggage go over weight due to shopping during the trip.
    5) when traveling on a trip / vacation – account for the extra weight you might be bringing back in form of souvenirs or shopping. Therefore leave that much buffer weight in your luggage unless you are carrying some time that will either be disposed off or consumed during the trip.

  • I have my own portable luggage scale. I weigh them at home when I am done packing. And, readjust weight accordingly, as needed. No surprises at the airport!

  • Also, weigh before getting to the airport.

  • here's my tip. on the start of the journey, pack a foldable duffle bag into your carry-on suitcase. on the way back, you can put your original shoulder bag into that suitcase after you've transfered all your stuff plus new puchases into the fold-up, as your new shoulder bag

  • I was wondering can you ship your check in bags to where your going cheaper?

  • Maybe different to us, but in Europe/uk size limits are also a thing. Both on the checked luggage and particularly on cabin luggage. Sizes are checked and luggage tiered right down to underseat size only

  • since buying a luggage scale I haven’t had any overweight luggage issues and it does speed up the check in process a lot

  • can you take a 3rd carry on without paying for additional baggage? I am unable to fit my stuff in the checkin and carry on. Also have a laptop to carry as a 2nd carry on. Will rhey allow a paper bag as 3rd carry on?

  • Sorry!. but Just follow the "rules" we all do when flying and you will not need any "hacks" to get crap past the airline. I can not remember the last time I checked a bag beyond golf clubs or skis on a domestic flight.

  • I work for an airline. I can tell you first hand, if you bypass the Ticket Counter and go to the gate with a large bag…We WILL charge you for it!
    Some places are getting scales past security, for this very reason.
    It’s not just about Money…Employees are getting hurt!
    Not to mention, breaking the overhead bin. I’ve seen that several times.
    Don’t think you are being “slick.” Airline employees see it all the time…Please think about us, we want to get the airplane out on time, but we don’t want to get hurt.
    Please pack only what you need, and distribute the weight evenly. I promise, this will save you a LOT of headaches

  • I pay $150 Delta for overweight baggage….

  • What I haven't seen anybody mention yet about carrying too many bags is that, if you are going somewhere that you know somebody there, ship your stuff separately with an express company like FedEx because it will get there & you won't be hounded all the time worrying about your damn bags!!!!! 😂 😂 😂

  • None of these were new or useful.

  • Thank you for all your great tips. I have one that might help your viewers. This is only for U.S. travelers not International and only if not going to a hotel. Before I leave on my trip from Tampa to LA I mail my daughter’s hair products ( God forbid a teen doesn’t have her hair supplies 😱) I use Priority Flat Rate boxes, make sure they say Flat rate, some do not. They come in Small $9.45, Medium $16.10, Large $21.50 and you can stuff it as heavy as you like, weight does not matter. I double bag her hair products and creams in zip lock baggies. The good thing is, each box is insured for a $100( Some items you need to have receipts for a claim, if lost, also helps if you take pics of items prior to sending) I send a lot of heavy reading books this way too. Most of these boxes only take 2-3 days to deliver. Again, thank you for all your informative tips, I now have subscribed to your channel.

  • Just don't bring too much stuff with you and always use a scale at home

  • The airlines have to change their practice for people who are over weight. I am 105 lbs and 5’6”. and have been charged an extra $100 for 5 lbs overweight on my luggage. Sone obese fat person like 100 lbs overweight gets to board with no extra charge. Air France is notorious for this everytime I fly them even as a Business Class travelled. Avoid them at all costs.

  • When my daughter lived in Florida I visited several times. I only took a carry on bag because I could wash clothes at her place plus I would do some creative clothes layering. I flew Frontier from the Midwest & a couple times my flights cost less than $75. That was great.

  • The airport in OMAN will check your carry on bag and there's a huge sign that says bag weight limit 7kgs . That's the only airport I seen that will weight your bag. I was lucky I avoided it by quickly walking pass them. Other people were not so lucky.

  • Great tips, after 40 years of travelling with loads of equipment for my job I can assure you that most of the time the check in weight scale are off by couple of kgs. I wait my luggage with different scales at home before going to the airport. When I get to the check in they are always a little bit more “fat”. I remarke the incongruity to the agent and they let me check in without paying any extra fee.

  • for carry on, they do weigh it if you are using the 'trolley' luggage. but not if you just carry a backpack or a big tote 🤫

  • I made it with carry-on 12 days in France! Included 7 day barge cruise, 2 nights in Versailles and 2 in Paris. I travelled with my sister, the seasoned travel agent, who said there was no way she wanted to wait to pick up checked luggage.

  • You maybe right with that "extra plastic bag" that you purchased while inside the airport. It happened to me during my last trip back home. My carry-on bag was almost way over weight but luckily the person in check in area allowed me, i thought thats it. However, when i purchased something inside duty free ( two bottles of red label) i just carry it along with my carry on and laptop bag. When boarding started, we were lining up to go inside the plane, and i saw the personnel were weighing all the carry on of the passengers again. So when it was my turn obviously its is going to be over weight due to my duty free purchased, unfortunately they did not allowed me to go and instead asked to pay the extra weight or return the purchased items in the duty free. I have no choice but to pay for it.

    So i dont think it is advisable to put it in the "extra plastic pag" you mentioned. By the way i was talking about a personal experience in Dubai Airport flying Emirates Airline (777-300ER). So there.

  • Ryainair let me carry 2,2 kg over the limit the other day for my check in luggage

  • The carry-on situation has become quite ridiculous in my opinion. My observation is that we are all becoming so self-centred and discourteous that airline travel feels a little like a competition – racing onto the plane to seize the overhead bin space. I think a better approach here is to know the weight limits and carry-on rules and travel accordingly. I honestly am willing to pay the over-weight fee if I've overdone the packing. Personally, I think we'd all enjoy flying a lot more if we adopted the "golden rule" attitude and packed in a way that considers not only our own needs but those of our fellow passengers.

  • Is that the plant what i think it is behind you?

  • You can also wear your big jacket, and extra clothing. You are not going to be weight 😄

  • When I used to travel constantly travel for business, I would always get to the airport as early as possible. It just makes the whole process easier and calmer.

  • All great advice but Please DONT try this with Spirit, united, frontier, and those cheap airlines. They won't work.

    Another tip, if you travel alot, get the credit card of the airline you use, they usually have free or flexible bags issues.

  • I was once told that i had to pay overweight baggage. I told them i had to think about it first and try to get the weight down. Then suddenly, airline announced that flight had overbooking and asked if there were any volunteers to accept taking the next day flight. I volunteered with other people, but in the end they didn’t need me. As a thank you for trying to help, the clerk told me they wouldn’t charge me for my overweight luggage. Sometimes its just good karma 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Great tip about the " lunch " bag.

  • Huh, was expecting some useful tips. Buy a bag scale, maybe $35, and pack according to the weight listed on the airlines website. Problem averted. Moving and swapping items to meet weight limits is just a super pain and embarrassing at the airport.

    If you are only using carry on it’s often checked for free at the gate if you ask if the flight is full. Never had them weighed.

  • i will add 1 tip here : go to any shop at the airport and just ask for a plastic bag from a parfume store or even a luxury store ( you can just say : oh my wife or husband bought something here 2 hrs ago but you forgot to give us a bag and we have to run for the flight now ) so now you will have a much bigger plastic bag to put more stuff in 🙂 , they won't even hesitate to give it ! we are trying to push the limits on this one as far as possible going to luxury clothing stores 🙂

  • Haven't checked a bag in years.

  • My mom, son and myself went to Greece for 10 days all in a carry on! We like to bring old night shirts, clothes, etc and throw away as we wear them which leaves room for souvenirs!

    Also, I tried the “plastic” bag trick when leaving Canada once and they made me wait until ALL passengers boarded and then told me I had to consolidate. There was no overhead storage and it was a very frustrating experience so beware!

  • Of course we all know this weight limit idea is just another way for airlines to skim a bit more money off passengers. I can be charged £75 because my case is 2lbs over the weight limit whilst the next person in the queue is 200lbs heavier than I am and pays no extra. It’s nonsense.

  • Goodness, what a long-winded screed. Just take less stuff! Most people pack far more clothing than is necessary.

  • I don't know who you fly but United is being very strict about one carry on and one "personal item"…so only two things and if you have a third, they make you "consolidate". Another thing, it really helps to be there before they start boarding, so that you can board with your actual group and be one of the first ones within said group and you should have no problem finding space right above you.

  • I've never understood the Airline's logic in redistributing weight among different bags…. it's the same weight going onto the same plane. Who cares where it's located within the plane (hold or cabin); it's still the same exact total weight. Morons.

  • Quite frankly, seeing people going on the plane with a carry on bag PLUS a big stuffed backpack irritates me. I try to play by the rules and bring a carry on plus my purse. One time I had my purse and a carry on bag. I also had a small brown paper bag with a hat in it that I bought on the trip. Incredibly, at SFO the gate agent stopped me and said I was over the limit for carry ons. I have flown hundreds of times, domestically and internationally. I looked at her in disbelief. Then I opened the brown paper bag, put the hat on my head and crumbled up the paper bag. Problem solved. The guy behind me looked incredulously at the gate agent. He and I looked at each other and laughed.

  • How about you Just way you luggae at Home on your persona scail

  • It is simple, respect the rules and don't overpack, common honesty and decency. No hack required.

  • I bring some of my old worn clothes. I use and dispose it. When I fly home my bag is half empty.

  • Obviously you never travelled with Ryanair

  • Some airlines, such as United and Eva, will allow you to bring your guitar – or smaller instrument – as a carry on. I have never had it weighed, so I stuff whatever I can that won't damage my guitar into the case. However, no matter how innocuous it may seem, NEVER put anything into the guitar itself. Aside from possible damage the instrument, it's a sure way to have them search your case. That might just open the door to having you toss whatever else you put in it. I also bring a backpack, as that counts as my "additional piece" that they don't weigh.

  • Airlines have weight limits for a reason. This video is beyond irresponsible.

  • If you buy a luggage scale you would avoid all of these headaches. I have had my backpack weighed numerous times. Mainly on flights overseas….BEFORE we went through security.

  • I could never understand the concept of paying for something that is overweight. You would never be turned away from boarding so what's the point? Wearing the extra clothes, distributing between bags, it will all weigh the same in the plane no matter what… to me…it's a total scam. Also, buy a luggage scale before you travel…I use mine all the time.

  • Weigh your baggage at home before leaving for airport. Take stuff as less as possible, it is less stressful. Only take essentials you can't do without.

  • Indians and Pakistanis are experts at this

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