Use these 6 GREAT photography programs and tools!

This video will walk you through SIX different pieces of software that I incorporate into my photography business.

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Canon R6:
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Sigma 16mm f/1.4 Lens:
Manfrotto 055 Tripod:
Manfrotto 502 Video Head:
Oktava MK-012-01 Microphone:
Glide Gear TMP100 Teleprompter:
Godox SL-60W LED Light:
Newwer 36″ Softbox:

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0:00 Introduction
0:23 Topaz Gigapixel AI
2:15 Photo Mechanic
4:35 GoodSync
6:18 Buffer or Hootsuite
7:41 JPEG Mini
8:32 Permanent Clipboard
9:10 Conclusion

The first program you should be using is called Topaz Gigapixel AI.

This is a photo enlargement software that can simultaneously improve the quality of your shots while doubling or quadrupling them in size.

This is brand new technology which uses intelligent AI processing.

I have personally witnessed this software work some serious miracles. For example – I had a family member send over this picture of the Roman Colosseum which was taken at whopping 640 by 360 pixels – and they asked me if I could improve it for printing.

Photoshop wasn’t helping, so I threw it into GigaPixel AI, quadrupled the size, and sat there in shock. I could not believe how good the final product was. It was a perfectly printable image at 2560 by 1440.

The second program that you absolutely need to be using, especially if you’re a photographer in any kind of professional capacity, is Photo Mechanic.

Photo Mechanic is an ingest and culling software that allows you to import and review high volumes of images and select the ones that you actually want to edit.

Moving on to the third program you need: GoodSync.

GoodSync is a file synchronization and backup software that is single-handedly the reason why I have never lost a single picture or video file in my career.

You can create ‘jobs’ that will automatically trigger at any time you want.

The fourth program you want to be using is Buffer or HootSuite.

Buffer and HootSuite are online platforms that allow you to schedule out and automatically post your content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, if you work a nine-to-five like many photographers do, but you still want to be putting out your best work online during those hours – you want to be using one of these.

Now at the time of making this video in February of 2021, both Hootsuite and Buffer are capable of automatically posting to Instagram – if you have a business account.

Next up, the fifth program you want to use is JPEGMini.

JPEGMini is a photo optimization technology that can massively decrease the size of your JPEG files while still preserving all of the original quality.

It achieves this by using a special form of compression that focuses specifically on reducing the JPEG artifacts that people like you and I will notice. It even includes plugins for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One.

So let me ask you this – does your website take forever to load because you don’t want to compress your high-quality pictures? Do you have to buy bigger flash drives to deliver work to your clients?

The sixth and final program you want to be using is the ‘Permanent Clipboard’ extension for Google Chrome.

This extension allows you to save some of the most common stuff that you copy and paste to a pre-saved list.

So, for example – if you have a set of hashtags that you consistently apply to your social media content, but you’re sick of having to scroll through your own feed to find them because you can’t remember – Permanent Clipboard will come to the rescue.

If you want to learn more about my complete photo editing workflow from beginning to end and how I actually use these programs when I’m shooting – you can check out that video on my YouTube channel.

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