SHOCKING Canon Lenses, Sony Drones & Nikon Layoffs: PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS!

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Canon launched the full-frame mirrorless Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 lens ( – finally a reasonably priced short portrait lens for the RF mount (only $200). They also launched the RF 70-200 f/4 ( which is SHOCKINGLY small.

Sony also announced plans for a new line of drones, competing directly against DJI! Finally, Nikon’s quarterly financial report revealed serious losses, but it’s not as bad as it seems at first glance.

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  • Do you know how to find the F-stop number of a microscope lens

  • You want a slick canon 50mm lens for video or photography? Buy yourself a FD-50mm SSC. The FD lens will crush these new lenses once they’re de clicked with a modes eos mount to the back of the lens.

    If your trying to get bokeh in photography, your in manual focus mode so Shoot on a manual prime lens.

  • DJI has the massive disadvantage of being from China… ie. spyware for the CCP. After how China released their plague intentionally upon the entire world you could not pay me enough to buy tech from China.

  • Sony should design cameras for the Autel Evo II…. talk about a win

  • Im going back to Olympus
    Still so innovative with the Highest BitRate (Except for a7SIII)
    Small portable package……..meh Im sick of all the wars
    regards, Rick

  • The entry-level mirrorless FF comparisons are misleading as one can pick up a new a7r2 body for about $1200 or an a7ii for $900. So Sony has a FF/50mm1.8 entry point at $1450 and $1150. I'd rather have either of those mirrorless FF bodies than the RP. The RP and the M-50 models may end up as growing pain orphans in the long term for Canon.

  • The sooner GoPro brings back the Karma Drone the better. The Chinese apps are all total junk period and I've had it with reviewers failing to point this out. The GoPro App straight up dominates the entire App Market for pictographry and videos period plus it's made for the rough salt weather I live in here in Coastal Carolina.

  • Great video it was very informative,thanks for the information.🤝

  • Can someone tell me at what time did Tony show that tiny lense in the thumbnail ? I can't see to find it lol.

  • Will Techart make a AF adapter for Canon RF lenses on Sony bodies? They have a 2mm thick adapter for E-mount on Nikon Z series.

  • What a joke, how does a lens take photos? The photographer takes the image, the cameras gear is just a tool,, stop talking trash dude

  • Enjoyed the video Tony, but the blurred sticker on your laptop was really distracting. Could you either take it off, or let me read what it says please?

  • Vaccine hope??? Come on Tony!!! Are you getting in on the BS plandemic psyop?? Vaccines are a Bill Gates psychopathic narcissistic power hungry game..Not something to mix in camera reviews. Many people understand that survival rate is 99.997% with herd immunity, and no vaccine side effects of being infertal when mixed with other drugs or directly as Gates foundation did this in Africa, and Thailand. Stick to camera reviews, not worl tyrany politics. Then he has a BLM sticker…what a fraud move. I think people who read and can comprehend know this is all political BS with many people not riding the financial gain and sticking with truth and not supporting a Sorros marxist social engineering campaign. Stick to the cameras Tony!

  • anyone else find some of the music choices cringy? I nearly clicked off in the first few seconds.

  • Omg, what an artificially looking scene! Hands and head in focus, while laptop and table is totally blured. What kind of black magic is this, a green box? If its only Fstop, then sorry, but it makes my brain (probably not only my) freeze.

  • When I bought my first "real" camera in '73, a Minolta SRT 101 SLR, the 50mm was called the "normal" lens. Virtually all non-pro cameras came with a 50mm lens, either an f1.8 or f1.4. I've been using various Canon and (for awhile, to augment my Canons) Fuji APS-C DSLRs for some years now, and it's hard to remember that back in the day f3.5 – f5.6 was considered really slow. I recently bought a Canon EOS R but my only 50mm Canon lens is an f1.4 EFS, which is an 80mm equivalent on my 90D or 80D. The adapter to get that lens to work with my R is the same price as the 50mm R lens itself, so the 50mm R will probably be the first lens I'll buy to augment my 24-105mm R lens. I'm not planning on a big stable of R lenses at this point, because I'll eventually buy the adapter to use my EF and EFS lenses, plus I have a Fuji X100V and X-E3 w/ 18-55M (with the X100V for sidewalk stuff, and the X-E3 for when I want a small camera to cover most of the range of the EOS R w/ its 24-105).

  • 135 1.4 gonna be like 1.5 kg?

  • Sony better watch out. Canon is flexing it's money muscles in the mirrorless market. If Canon delivers even 1/2 of the lenses planned for 2021, that would awesome. Thanks for a nice video.

  • glad the bokeh blurred the sticker on your laptop…. stay away from political crap

  • Tony – Re: Drones: In these increasingly dark times with China threatening Hong Kong, Taiwan and the south pacific in general, Sony only needs to provide a feature competitive product. Once established in the market, Japan and western democracies can – and will – impose trade barriers that effectively ban DJI, much like Huawei phones. If tensions continue to rise (and they will), those same governments will disable the Chinese-made drones using the same, well-publicized exploits built into their electronics.

  • In europe Canon RF 50mm F1.8 STM costs 250 euros… Like what the hell? Why US has better price? Euro is even more expensive than a dollar….

  • Love your reviews on cameras and gears. May consider it in 3 years.

  • Come on Tony. Love Canon but in no way is Canon close to Sony for hiking/traveling when you want to bring quality glass. It is not just about making it smalI (which non of the good Canon lenses are except for this telelens), but more about the weight!! I love the 50mm 1.2 rf but it weighs 950 grams or 2 pounds! Canon makes great lenses but the good ones are to big and heavy. Like I am carrying my old Hasselblad instead of a mirrorless 😂

  • What digital camera has a provision for a conventional cable release? I haven't found any. The corporatists want you to purchase a battery operated remote control. Think about that. Battery operated. Do you think the corporatists think about the environment and a carbon footprint?
    A provision for a standard cable release should be as common as the 1/4-20 hole on digital cameras.
    Don't forget about Greta Thunberg. If you are truly a photographer, I know you won't forget the planet.
    The environment is a subject of every photographer sooner or later.

  • A 50mm is not a portrait lens. A 50mm is a general purpose lens.

  • Too bad Herb Keppler is not with us any longer.

  • Trust and sony? Two incompatible terms. I've been burned too many times to ever trust sony again

  • Why does every erroneously pronounce “bokeh”? It’s pronounced “boquet.” Lulz. 🙃

  • I don't believe that CGI is taking a loss on their products. I don't feel sorry for them in the least.
    I would like to see a drone with its own dedicated display. Why should one have to subscribe to a phone when a manufacturer could include their own dedicated handheld display?

  • Smoke, Mirrors & Marketing.

  • Nobody cares about the Z – Craps. However I can't wait till they liquidate their grear DSLRs & Lenses💙💙💙🤗🤗🤗

  • Please please please Tony, it is nee-kon not nigh-kon, ニコン
    ニ = nee (as in 2), コ = Ko, ン = n

  • I don’t know about Nikons financials, but a new Df 2 is on the map. The new Nikon Df 2 with 4K video, 36 megapixel sensor, and all the modern trimmings. If you want background blur, then the Z cameras are what you need. Nikon Z mount currently has the closest flange distance of only 16mm, and the biggest diameter of 52cm. The Z mount pretty much make Z lenses the sharpest when used wide open with incredible background blur. Once again Nikon is what you need, but not what you’re using.

  • So, how much does Cannon pay you to advertise for them anyway?

  • Doesn't the new RF 50 f1.8 have a molded aspherical element? My guess is that's the main reason it's more than the EF version beyond the "RF" mount markup.

  • Thanks Tony for such invaluable information. I always look forward to your videos.

  • Canon really is on a roll. But they didn't really do much for several years – so about time really. That 70-200 f4 isn't internal zooming which is why it's compact. Let's not pretend that it's due to the "lens expertise". Also, I think this type of lens is largely redundant. Better to go with a mirrorless super zoom and then a proper f2.8 or prime if you really want bokeh for portraits. Cheaper and more versatile and capable.

  • Good reviews. I am using older APS-C system. Glad Canon came out with reasonable price 50mm. Should drive up sales.

  • SQARE SPACE IS DEAD to ALL Patriots, they are nothing but communists!

  • Tony: if Nikon aren’t laying off workers in Japan BECAUSE it is so very hard to do so, then what are they going to do with all their Japan factory workers when they move the manufacturing to Thailand?

  • Although Nikon right now has no competitive model to Canon R5, however Nikon rumors of Z8 (45mp) an Z9 (60mp) could be considered competitive models in development to top Canon and Sony models. Were these expected to be released in 2021?

  • 7m50s “Sony is largely a consumer corporation. Remember Walkman etc”. Err, WAS, Tony. Sony is focusing on their media empire which is vastly more profitable than their consumer product division.

  • Surely Tony realises (1m45s) that the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 ‘S’ is a competitor for a Canon 50mm f/1.8 ‘L’, which doesn’t exist. Comparing a Nikon S with a Canon STM instead of a Canon L is ridiculous. Nikon are about to release their Compact Prime series of Z lenses, which will compete with Canon STM series.

  • Why didn't Apple buy Nikon and made it iPhoto yet?

  • An F mount mirrorless camera should have preceded the Z mount

  • Government use is also big for photographic drones and DJI is banned for this use here in the US.

  • Hey Tony, do you have any “tips and tricks” for those starting out on Fuji x-t3&4?

  • Enjoyed everything about this video except the sticker on your laptop. Are politics really necessary when discussing something people do to enjoy themselves – photography? UGH.

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