Photography for Artists – The only Camera Settings you Need

Photography for artists, this time I help you learn about camera settings without any BS and easy to learn. Use this 99% of the time.

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  • "if it is blurry, then hold still and take another" is one of the greatest quotes ever…

  • But photographers are artists also lol

  • Thanks for the video!

    I have to take a photo or a couple! of a large hotel at night (I'm an amateur, but i do like to try the Manual sometimes!), and i have a tripod, a canon d550 with a widelense 50mm "ultrasonic" it says on it, i bought secondhand, so i could get that "professional blurred bakground effect" for my portraits, ha!. But i want to get the whole hotel, the sky's darker blue color values, and from where i stand there probably will be night lamps on the actual street (no people, or cars. Not in a living city), but im guessing thats the only lightsource. Apart from the lights on the hotel itself ofc.

    The photo is going to be used as an art reference photo only, and nothing else. So i need as much details of the hotels, shadows, highlights, etc as possible, nightscene reference picture that is. I want the whole hotel in focus. It's a 12 floor hotell, and i'm gonna be standing on the streets/ground pretty far away from it. Maybe i should angle the camera by hand and not use the tripod, probably a must since it's so large. But i want to try and avoid blurry photo. Suggestions what i might wanna try at first (i'm not gonna give up easily, i might add). Question 1: What would be your go to setting here?

    Q 2: With the streetlamps on the ground should i have them in the shoot or have them behind my back for best photo without getting a shaky image? I've never photographed at night, only at day and then it's so much light out so all i do is iso100 and experimenting with the rest and usually i've got a good shot. I just know that many times nightphotos they've ended up looking a bit shaky even tho trying to hold the camera very still. I've taken some "ok" photos, but this one is the most advanced task as of yet. 1600 iso is that my "max roof" would you say to avoid grainy photos? Ops, two questions in one!

    Q 3: F4 is that the "best" for most light yet being able to focus on a large portion of the subject for this type of night photography?

    Q 4: Should i take a white paper with me and use custom wb in front of the camera at the nightshot or can i just try to fix it in post/raw program if i "dont like the colors for the reference photo"? Many questions, sorry! Haha.

  • Favorite channel for photography tips and help. Wow. Watching all of them!

  • Hi sir very informative! Especially for me since I am just new at photography and only using my cellphone thanks!

  • Yes, yes and yes! That's exactly what I say to people asking me for advice.

  • Great video as always. Love the way you see photography and art. Big fan.

  • Love the straightforward explanations and easy information especially for a beginner

  • TWP

    Good points. My default mode is P and like you, will switch to A to control depth of field. I feel so liberated shooting in these auto modes because I don't have to check my settings all the time and just concentrate on observing and composing.

  • Thank you . I just got my first camera (quite good I think x100v) and your advice/channel has really helped me and saved me 100s of hours going through annoying settings videos tutorials. Now I really focus on enjoying taking pictures and find myself discovering my settings menu at my own pace according to what I need at a particular moment and what I want my buttons to be assigned to. Much less stress, much more enjoyment. You also do very interesting work. Best wishes!

  • nice i am have fun i have a e1 18-55

  • Your followers seem to refuse to take your word on this! If we were as relentless as you are (getting out and taking photos) it would become apparent that you speak truth! May you be blessed with a million more subs who haven't heard you preach the word to the herd!

  • I don't know if I am an artist or photographer, but I have been taking photos creatively for more than 8 years. I used all of my camera auto, program, manual, priority modes, custom . . . . I know how to shoot manual and sometimes I get better results in other modes. I think the important thing is that you enjoy your craft and get the result you desire. Great post!

  • I laugh as I hear you say all these things because it is as you mentioned so controversial among the community. While I'm sure people still do it and just keep it hushed the populous belief of low ISO remains. But I think you're right use the iso you need as long as you're controlling your stability you should be fine

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