Composition Techniques For Better Images

My new ‘Medium Format Film Photography Course’ on Skillshare (FREE with this link):

In this video, I’ll be doing a breakdown of some of my images, looking at composition choices, and talking about some tips that will help you improve your images.

Pentax 645N:
Mamiya RB67 Pro SD:
Pentax 67ii:
Fuji X100F:

Videos on this channel are filmed using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K:

And the Fuji X-T4:

My go-to for music (FREE Trial with this link):

My go-to medium format camera:
My FAVOURITE medium format lens:
My favourite 35mm film camera:
My favourite 35mm film lens:
The BEST medium format travel camera:
The film scanner that I use for my work:
Best entry-level film scanner:
The film camera that started it all for me:
My go-to light meter:
My favourite film stock:
My favourite 645 medium format film camera:
Awesome strap for large cameras:
Rope style strap for smaller cameras (cheap but great!):

Camera I use to film my videos:
Camera that I use for vlogging:
The gear I use for YouTube:
My favourite film cameras:
Essential film photography accessories:



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