Best Types of Cameras for Learning Photography

In this tutorial, I’m going to discuss the best cameras to buy for learning photography. I’ll be giving my opinion on mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, bridge cameras and how relevant they are to the beginner photographer. I will also be giving you my recommendations and letting you know what essential pieces of kit you will need and you are learning photography.

If you’re a beginner photographer or looking to get into photography, this tutorial will help you choose the best camera to get you started!

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  • Informative video, thank you.

  • I have rebel t3
    Good camera. Never makes excuses. Do the job as needed. Now I am going to add some lenses to my kit with tripod obviously.
    Remember it's always lens which makes picture better.

  • Time to stop crawling and make baby steps to photograph..
    Appreciate the insight 🇰🇪❤️

  • Thanks for this video, I was wandering the best camera I was going to buy because I’m really curious to learn more about photography

  • You didn’t say any camera you recommended….so what dslr or mirrorless camera would you recommend??

  • You can still buy compact cameras! They have a place despite mobile phones. Think about it, our whole lives are on our phones. Do you really want to risk losing or damaging your £999 phone while trekking around mountains or caves? If you lose or damage a compact so what the low cost makes a minor inconvenience not an issue. And they offer better manual options that cameras on phones.

  • You missed out on SLR. If you learn with film you learn to be prudent with your shots. You learn the importance of exposure in a physical way. And black room printing is also fun to learn.

  • I want to learn photography and I have chosen to buy a nikon d5600 with Tamron 18-400mm, is this good to start learning photography, considering that the viewfinder is optical?

  • Hey I'm 14 yrs old girl and I want to become a photographer 'cause I want to capture moments and that moments will be memories someday. I also want to capture nature to remind people how lucky they are that God gave us this planet and to help them be positive but I heard the course for Photography is expensive so I'll just go business first and if I'll earn money then I can be a great useful photographer and yeah I planned that every Sunday I'll give free shots for families etc. (BTW thankyou sir for the infos God bless You)

  • if you are gonna get a cheap and not so worthless camera get the canon m50
    oh wait i forgot the m50 wasnt there when he posted this video XD

  • Thanks for this excellent advice! I was so ready to go for a super-zoom bridge camera as my first camera but after watching this & doing some research….I'm starting to deter from it. The zooming feature is too much fun, but I want quality in my photographs, I want to learn photography to the core & understand the mechanics fully. I am very much inclined towards the new Canon EOS M50 as my first camera, I think I can probably get great lenses for it as well at some point!

  • I have a Nikon coolpix l840 that my brother in law gave me, so far it's been easy to use. I've been interested in learning photography for a while and now I'm learning more the cheaper way with help from a friend who's a photographer. I was a bit skeptical about owning a bridge camera but so far it works for me and I found the equipment to use the lens I need. Everyone is different and choose a camera that works for them, and although I didn't get to choose, I'm comfortable with what I have.

  • Nice video,
    have a suggestion, you did not like a bridge type camera.
    I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ200 and a Sony Alpha 7 (ILCE7).
    As a pro sailor I tend to travel light from home to ship vice versa and the Lumix FZ200 travels better than my A7 with the same focal lenght spread. (onboard long lenses are mostly used)
    Photography in manual mode on the FZ200 works as quick and mostly in the same manner as on the Sony a7.
    For learning photography I think a bridge camera like the Lumix FZ200 could do well, at a lower price and much more easy to travel with.
    Please comment on this,

  • I would recommand Fujifilm system because aslike film photography it makes you understand the combined role of shutter speed, iso, and focal length without going through complicated menu system. You will find on the body and lenses dedicated scrolls wheels for that. You'll see while you re setting the camera the instantaneaous result on your screen or the EVF which is not the case with DSLR.
    Tripod is not as important as your feet imagination and a good eye specially if you want to capture candid shots in the street. However if you want to slow down the shutter speed for landscape or night photography it while be essential to get a steady tripod.

  • Would you recommend a good monopod?

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