Most Affiliates Fail With Native Ads – Here's the Truth About Native Ads

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Most people fail when they try Native Ads for affiliate offers.

A lot of the information online about native ads make it sound easy but in reality, native ads require a big budget, strong tracking and a lot of good relationships.

If you think you can just set up a native ads affiliate campaign and see success right away then watch this video first!

I describe how to improve your chances of success with native ads for affiliate marketing.

Here are the timestamps so you can go to the section you want:

1:10 What Affiliate offers work best for native ads?
3:50 Market Research & Spying
3:57 Adplexity & Discount at
6:10 Landing Pages for Native Ads
7:25 Campaign Setup
7:28 MGID
8:00 Account Managers on Native Ads Traffic Sources
8:55 How to Target Native Ads
10:03 Ads and CTR
12:09 Tracking Your Native Ads & Widgets
13:30 Ad Fraud & Bots
13:47 Cloudflare
14:52 Sample Campaign Native Ads
15:20 Whitelist vs BlackList
16:05 Sus CTR
16:58 How much do you spend and bid?
19:08 Recap

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