is Blogging Dead? 7 Best Blogging Niches/Ideas 2022 | Earn up-to $10K Per month

Best Blogging Niche to Start a Profitable Blog in 2022.
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Namaste Dosto,
In this video, I am sharing the 7 best niches to start a blog in 2022. All the niches have low competition (Easy to rank) and high traffic and future growth. You can monetize these blogs with Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing & Selling Own Products (Ebook, Client lead generation, Services, Courses).

15 Best Blog Niche Ideas:

Make Money with Blogging (Full Playlist):

Blog Kaise Banaye Aur Paise Kaise Kamaye? Step by Step Guide for Beginner:

Blogging Se Rich Kaise Bane Ft. Harsh Agarwal:

News Site Kaise Banaye:

0:00 Teaser
0:38 Is Blogging Dead?
2:32 Earned 12 Lakh INR in a Day
5:48 Best Niches to Start Blogging (Futuristic )
6:43 What is NICHE?
7:36 Black Friday Sale (70% off)
8:30 Niche 1: Web-Series
9:47 Sample Blogs of Web Series
12:20 How to start?
14:12 Niche 2: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain tech
15:52 Sample Blogs of Crypto
18:35 Niche 3: Artificial Intelligence
20:59 Sample Blogs of AI
21:49 Niche 4: Finance
22:47 Sample Blog of Finance
26:40 Niche 5: Govt. Schemes
28:09 Sample Blog of Govt Schemes
30:11 Niche 6: Agriculture/Farming/Home Gardening
31:00 Sample Blog of Farming
33:40 Niche 7: Electric Vehicles

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