Batman Forever Merchandise Review – Trading Cards from Dynamic Marketing (contains deleted scenes!!)

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  • do you have the 1995 FLEER – BATMAN FOREVER METAL BASE CARD SET #1-100 COMPLETE -EX ?

  • Those are really awesome cards. I especially like the one of Harvey Dent in the courtroom. It would've been cool if we saw the full thing in the movie.

  • Such a tremendous video! I liked that this was a longer one too! I found the Nygma Tech presentation photos to be so interesting. Jim having the short hair in one and the Wayne Enterprises long hair in the other. Joel didn’t make reference to that scene being shot two different ways in his commentary so..I’d love to know what the story is behind that. Thanks again so much for this! Interesting tidbit you added about the bidder in Batman and Robin also. I could watch videos with you talking about those deleted scenes all day. Love that you’re covering B&R now as well!

  • Amazing seeing the deleted scenes represented! Some of those larger wide shots of certain scenes like Harvey's court case and Chase's apartment are very interesting. Other than that these feel very similar to the Fleer cards so I'm not sure I want to shell out for the whole collection.

  • That was so much fun! Can't wait to see a new cut of the film

  • That’s very cool some of them contain the deleted scenes. I haven’t seen or heard of these cards before, I guess because they’re Australian. Brilliant content as always

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