Video Game Collecting Tips for 2021 – Don't get discouraged!

Advice for video game collectors in 2021.

Facebook marketplace
Trading is more important than ever
Offer up and other forums and sites
Garage sales – You can often haggle on price at garage sales.
Is eBay dead?
Retro Gaming Expos – They will come back bigger and better than ever.
When everybody is going left, go right. Collect the less popular stuff if possible.
Importing games? Often English patches can be applied to ROMS on emulator machines
Don’t get discouraged


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  • The story about surprise price hike at the register is true…and very disappointing. Is that something you have experienced or heard about at retro gaming stores before? It can't be legal, can it?

  • Great video!.. here's a tip for anyone.. Axe body spray takes off permanent marker on any video game you have.. if its permanent marker on a video game box ..plastic.. or actual game.. spray axe on a paper towel and rub the marked up area 👍

  • I remember I found one of your videos and you gave me the greatest advice “get games you actually will play” now I’m at 40 ps2 games and I’m content with my collection because they mean a lot to me my most expensive game is def jam and it’s my favorite don’t think I’d ever let it go.

  • I was only able to get a digital PS5 console… would it be dumb to buy really cheap games on the PlayStation just to collect? Example I really like God of War and want to get it while it’s on Black Friday sales and even though it’s obvious I wouldn’t be able to play it.. I was wanting it to have a copy for collection purposes.

  • 100% Agree with the Fakes on eBay, I started collecting around 2020 and the amount of Bootlegs and Fakes I've seen on eBay is unbelievable.

  • Great advice with watching the trends. I started off with the NES and pretty much just grabbed lots of games I didn't even care about because I wanted to grow my collection, but that isn't really the way to approach it (unless your goal is a complete library). I came in right before NES games shot up in prices, and decided it would be better to change focus. Now I just collect for various systems that I'm interested in, and games that are either meaningful for me, or I'm curious about.

    Now after many years of collecting I don't have a large collection, but the items I do have are meaningful to me, and it makes the hobby much more enjoyable.

  • I'm so glad I bought Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean (Saturn) when it was like $50 on ebay. That was probably 14 years ago. It goes for upwards of $400 now.

  • If they hike you at the register, stop shopping there. Leave it on the counter, and tell them why, and walk.

  • If ps4 games can be played on ps6, and probably will, it's a great opportunity to start to collect them.

  • I see Metal Jesus… I binge

  • 17:10 agree, been having fun collecting for my 360 lately and this weekend I picked up gta3, vice city, and san andreas original copies before they fall off the map

  • Theres a story in Michigan called Super Game Time that raises the price of every single game at the counter.

  • Thanks for all the tips Metal Jesus! This video is so valuable to new collectors in the hobby like myself and I'm excited to see you at the Retro World Expo in CT this coming weekend! Hope to grab a pic with you, thanks again for everything you do in the hobby. -CJ 😁

  • The Majority of my local mom and pop gaming stores do a video game Swap Meet every couple of months. That was how I was able to snag a complete copy of Chibi Robo on the gamecube for a decent price. I wish they did the events like once a month but with the "coof" happening we are lucky to even get these every so often.

  • Hey, metaljesus. Can you possibly do a review video on the Atari ultimate fight stick ? I think it’s a micro center exclusive. Has a built in raspberry pi with a ton of games preloaded.

  • Facebook is a no-no for me. But, I always find other ways to connect with people.

  • Do you know how much this Xbox 360 core bundle cost? It’s in a weird packaging?? Comes with extra controller and arcade unplugged game.

  • A bit dramatic with outrage of them asking for $10 extra, it happens sometimes, you don't have ramble on about it for 3 minutes.

  • Wow does he look bloated! What happened?!?!

  • If a store ever told me the game I bring up is actually a higher price, I'd walk away and look elsewhere… There's far too much price gouging going on in retro game collecting right now to be bothered with that. Yikes!

  • hello you can help me find battlefield vietnam big box in good condition us version plz ?
    I live in France and it is difficult to find links to buy them !

  • 02:19 she doesn’t know? Is she dumb and clueless or just a bad liar?

  • I don't care about the games I don't want to play. I only collect the ones I want to play.

  • Bait and Switch laws should offer some protection over the not selling for the marked price. There tends to be laws against that.

  • Video game collecting is the worst hobby I have gotten into

  • Isn't Red Sea Crossing worth $35,000? Lol, but yeah most old games aren't worth squat except sentimental value.

  • What ever happened to that kelsey chick 🤔

  • My game collecting was going well before covid
    Unfortunately after covid i legit added less than 7 games to my collection in 2 years💔😪

  • Welcome to high inflation. A tax on the poor. Let's go Brandon!

  • If you care enough to collect collector’s editions, why put them in front of a bright window? Sun fade doesn’t take long to do damage to the box art.

  • I've been getting "Oh thats the Pre Covid prices". My local shop has been recently not putting prices at all and I've seen them go on Ebay to Reference prices. I've since started to venture further out for a decent Retro store.

  • My question for you is what would be your top five cities or states for game stores and game collecting? I know Seattle and Washington is a very good place, but I was wondering what places you thought were equally or close to as good as the Seattle area in the US. Anyone have any advice?

  • Liberals… thats why they have to hike the price up

  • The price jump actually happen to me yesterday with a clone console it rang up like 20 dollars more and after tax it was almost a 30 dollar difference

  • The (artificial) big game sales have temporarily flooded the market and made prices drop a bit. I see this trend continuing for a while as people unload their collections, so! If you're looking to buy, I'd say 6 months to a year from now is your best shot.

  • I just got a game I wanted to recommend to you. It's called Gearshifters and it's a car shmup.

  • Yeah, price increase on the fly has happened to me as well. At a "Disc Replay" in Southern Indiana.

  • That price scamming thing violates FEDERAL law. Further, in the state of Washington, it represents violations of the consumer protection act as well as the deceptive trade practices act

    You can sue them in small claims for statutory damages of $1,000 per incident as well as treble (triple) damages of actual damages. One or two people do this to these shops and it will end real fast.

    Also, file formal complaints with the secretary of state and the ag will fine them

  • Do it because you love it that is exactly why I collect Media and comics I have a boxed bubble bobble 2 and someone offered me a good price on it but I couldn't bring myself to do it not only is it my only copy it's in a crown video box which I absolutely love when I was younger and all the crown videos were closing that's how I got my hands on it and another reason I can't bring myself to sale it to many memories attached to this and most of my nes and super nes games

  • Thank you for this video MetalJesus! I try to only collect games I want. Also that is why flash carts are so popular. Picked one up for the GBA and it is amazing so far.

  • I heard you started in mother’s basement. It is great to see how you have moved on – great games room man!

  • I wouldn't say I'm a collector (probably less than 50 titles in my collection) but I have found myself getting back into older games. Recently got MOST of The Sims 2 all on disc since I played that a ton when I was younger. Been playing Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age (yeah it's recent, but I loved the PS2 version). Even scored an RPG that when I popped in the disc to finalize my purchase, my last save had over 70 hours 🤣. Games nowadays just don't have the content to hook me for those kinda hours

  • systems like atari 2600 and intellivision haven't held any value because they are archaic and antiquated, they just don't hold up well so there isn't really much demand for them…. even the hits are kind of lame. NES is where that value starts making sense, you can go back and play mario, mega man 2, zelda…. they hold up, they're fun, and they were memorable experiences that shaped our childhoods. I think games from the 90's on will always retain some value, maybe you'll see prices fall out on some of the more rudimentary 3d games on ps1 or saturn or whatever, because they just aren't fun to revisit…. but I don't see fps, horror, rpgs, ever really falling far. I view systems like the 2600 the same as those exhibits in a museum where you see all the failures and prototypes that led up to the world changing invention, the stepping stones that helped pave the way for greatness

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