NO MORE SNAGS w/ these Fishing Rigs! (Fishing Moving Water + Rocky Bottoms)

Here are 3 simple fishing methods to help you avoid snags while fishing moving water. The tandem rig, the float rig, and doodlesocking are easy bait fishing rigs I use to target perch, carp, and even bigger fish! I don’t need to worry about getting snagged on rocky bottoms either. Using these simple and effective fishing methods, I’m able to catch fish after fish after fish! What methods do you like to use in this kind of water? Comment below!
This week, we are fishing the Potomac in Maryland. We are hoping to stock up on perch to eat for dinner as they are some of my favorite fish to eat. The rocks here made it an interesting trek just to get to our fishing spot, but it was so worth it. I was catching so many fish the birds even tried to steal my spot to get in on the action! Which of these 3 fishing methods do you want to try out first?

0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Method 1: Tandem Rig
7:21 – Method 2: Float Rig
12:14 – Method 3: Doodlesocking
16:50 – Conclusion

**When you are going fishing during this pandemic, please make sure you follow state laws and social distancing guidelines. This does not mean “We can meet up to go fishing as long as we stay 6 feet away from each other.” Social distancing means that you should not be in the same vicinity as people who do not live in your household unless absolutely necessary (like when buying groceries). Limit your contact with others as much as possible. Go to remote fishing spots where there are no other people fishing. If you want to go fishing with a friend, we recommend that you each go to your own fishing spots and video call each other. Let’s all help keep each other safe during this uncertain time**

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