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How to CAST a Baitcaster for Beginners

In this video, I demonstrate how to cast a baitcaster for beginners. It’s important to be sure that you properly tune your baitcaster for each lure weight prior to casting. I highly recommend that you watch my fine-tuning a baitcaster video below before casting. Typically you learn to cast a baitcaster using the overhand cast or the sidearm cast. When casting you should really concentrate and make sure that you are using a good arc when casting […]

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How to Catch Carp cheaply – Affordable carp fishing rod, reel, line, bait and tackle.

I go out to an American Sporting Goods store with $40 and buy everything I need to start carp fishing. Carp fishing rods, reel, hooks, bait, line, ect. and Then I make carp bait with ingredients from the grocery store and I demonstrate how to catch carp with affordable carp fishing gear. How to tie a palomar knot How to tie a hair rig How to make fishing bells Bank fishing hacks. Click subscribe to the Catfish […]

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Basic fishing gears: Things you need for fishing: Ultralight fishing Philippines

Sharing you our little insight on the things needed during a fishing trip. It was an epic fishing session, ang daming isda local folks was cheering after witnessing me catching a fish over and over again. Source link

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Fishing Gears And Crafts||Fishing|| types of nets, traps, hook and lines || boats, ships, trawlers

Fishing Gears And Crafts Introduction β€œFishing” i.e. ,to catch or trap fishes becomes an essential activity whether the person are academically interested in fishes or there is some other economic aspect in mind. The fishes are to be caught or trapped from the varied water resources whether freshwater, brackishwater or marine. FISHING GEAR: A device used to catch fish, e.g., various types of nets, traps, hook and lines etc. FISHING CRAFT: A device which is used to […]

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