How to train an aggressive dog for reality as they are trying to attack people is something we work with a lot at the Upstate Canine Academy. This is a dog who is very fearful and unfortunately is taking her fear and unleashing it on people she doesn’t know. Tom works with her and her owner to overcome these issues so they can live a less stressed life!

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  • Can we start being honest with ourselves? Pit bulls are dangerous. It’s not their fault. But let’s not kid ourselves. They’re naturally aggressive from decades of breeding them to be that way.

  • Whoever that woman is she got the wagon 👀🤤

  • Who else think he smashed after this video

  • My dog is like a human but she just stays closer and doesn’t bite

  • I bought your dogtra collar. My dog is exactly like this. I was using the pager function and it worked for a few days but now he doesn’t give two shits about the vibration. Should I start using the shock instead when he’s growling and lunging? Right now I can turn the pager on while he’s laying down inside relaxing and he doesn’t even act like he notices anymore.

  • My dogs will sit but not stay if I’m walking away they follow me or do whatever they want how do I handle this

  • Its a pitbull right….🤔

  • I'm tired of people saying that pitbulls and then German Shepherds are the worst dogs are so cute because of the trainer

  • I own a pitbull who is the friendliest dog ever, it’s really all about where you raise them and how you raise them. Even raising a wolf if you raise them properly there natural instincts are still there but they are not using them to harm someone

  • Hi I have a 9 years old shih tzu , he was and abused dog, and he bites people please help me or give me tips on how to stop it

  • My dog bit me bad..this was after puppy training, family dog training..he did so well with classes they wanted him to be a therapy dog. I put him in family dog twice because he started to steal stuff and not let us take it back. He did so good in class..but at home he was a butt. Well, one day I was sweeping the kitchen, got by his food and bam..he was there, bit my arm twice and since..I've never trusted him again. I love him..and he hasn't done it since. Vet told me that his diabetes could have caused the sudden aggression. My husband told me he stayed behind me after that happened with his ears down like he was sorry. Can sudden onset diabetes really do that?

  • This dog isn't protecting anything and isn't fearful. Pits are wonderful dogs, but the breed was bred to fight and kill other dogs – that's the entire reason they exist. If you don't let them engage in that very natural drive, that aggression may be transferred to humans. And there's nothing wrong with the dog if that happens! What's unnatural is expecting the dog to behave differently. Sure, you can try, but it's hard to beat genetics. TLDR: you have a pit, deal with it. Respect the breed, its heritage, and its behavior.

  • I’m not confident that the trainer received what she need to effectively help that dog when alone.

  • The prong collar irritates and causes a hyper state of aggression.

  • Even this trainer knows deep down thT euthanasia is the best option but he wants that money so he going to pretend that the dog is trainable 🙄

  • I'm sry but this is ridiculous! You cannot train it's genetics out pf it! Your Ttempt at suppression will not work! This is an extremely dangerous dog and should it ever get loose it will definitely kill someone or someone's pet! This dog needs to be humanely euthanized! Ridiculous to want a violent predators. Like this! Smh

  • It's crazy to have a dog like that.I sure hope that she doesn't have children.

  • T M

    I’m crying watching this because I’m in the exact same boat as her 😭
    I’ve also made my dog into a protective & insecure dog by humanizing him and now I’m finally learning to be a better owner.

    Would you say letting the dog sleep with you in bed is also a contributing factor to protective & aggressive behavior?

  • You're comments about treating her dog like a person instead of a dog is so spot on!! Many many people would have better behaved dogs if they just realized their dog is actually a dog instead of their obnoxious spoiled child!

  • Stop coddling irresponsible people who endanger us all.

  • I hate to say it but women in general are a little to nurturing with dogs at times without having that discipline. Litterally treating them like little babies.

  • She should not own this dog period. It was a lovely video but she has ruined this dog and does not have the diposition to control it.. This is going to come to a violent end.

  • He hit the nail on
    THe head too much love but then what if that bond breaks that’s what I’m scared of

  • My biggest fear is dealing with dog aggression, and I feel like watching these videos has been helping me gain so much confidence on dog handling and training (ofc not at his level, but I dealt with lack of leadership, inability to be confident, etc). Tom, your vids on dog aggression are by far the best I’ve seen on this platform, I’m so grateful that you share your wisdom on here and the production quality is amazing too ahaha

  • L W

    I have a Nala too who is very similar to this Nala. It took me years to get her under some kind of control. I generally have a vest on mine too which says “ In training”. The vest helps with people and children wanting pet her. This was so informative. My biggest problem and you can see it with this Nala is they are extremely strong dogs. At times I feel like I am walking an alligator on a leash!

  • Anthropomorphizing (treating the animal as if it were a HUMAN) is the biggest problem of many owners of spoiled or vicious dogs.
    This guy is great at letting the owners know that too much love and no discipline is a major problem that is caused by the OWNWER.

  • Only one time I didn’t see a dog basically this size and a mutt come at me before I realized to late. He learned really fast who is stronger and can lift him by his back neck with ease.
    But.. his head flipped around and got my forearm lol I was like shit! This fucker is fast but stay calm. Clamping on my arm I got down on the ground and changed my body language, started talking like I talk to babies, I said things soothingly and comforting.

    I’ll stop rambling. Long story short it got me into dogs even more and the owners were surprised I wasn’t mad or anything. Nor did I want the dog harmed or put down, he was a scared innocent animal. I can handle a couple stitches and a syringe 💉 😬 but I can’t handle Innocent souls suffer. The only thing That would change my outlook on what happened is if it were a child or woman and not a 225 lbs man.

    Ps – don’t read this like I’m tough, I cried like a baby boy when I realized that it felt sorry when it came back to earth and not fear. Felt sorry and had its head down like it was busy. So I committed to the rest. Focused on proving people are ok.

  • i'm so glad i've never had…..and never want a dog like this!!!! i would be beside myself!!

  • That shit didn’t work 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You Shouldn’t Say No Say A A

  • my dog is a rescue..the person I got her from abused her so she is very aggressive towards strangers and other animals…I would like to try this training please

  • I have a pit that is very dog aggressive but is good with people this dog is the closest is size of Diva but diva alot bigger in chest area

  • You shouldn't have a fucken dog if you don't know how to train them properly yourself

  • As an owner, handler, and trainer, I can't tell you how happy this owner makes me watching this video. Knew there was a problem she could not manage on her own and she LISTENED to the trainer, asked a TON of questions, and took direction really well. I can't tell you how many owners hear what a trainer is saying but don't ask for clarification if they don't understand. She wants to understand. Getting clarification on heel vs leave it, and when and why to use which command was a total breakthrough and was a pivotal moment in this retrain journey. I would love to see a follow-up on these two.

  • Everytime the dog reacts negatively you leave the room and keep repeating till the dogs understand then you reward with treats/toys.
    You can't just shock them because it berries the problem there not learning there just avoiding the shock simple I doesn't work surly people would rather have a dog that behaved without the use of e colours or electric mats or prong colors ect

  • Electricity is not training what Victoria stillman she can train dogs with bite history with just treats nothing elts.
    Would you electrocute your children if they misbehave no so done do it to your dog.
    Some people have no clue your treating a problem by creating another one

  • An e collor is electric it shocks the dogs neck. I don't agree with them at all there are ways to train dogs without shock like food motivation lol
    It's cruel this is not training its electrocution she's not gonna jump up if she gets electrocuted but she's not going to trust you anymore either because it hurt I've used one on my neck to see what's it's like and trust me it hurts.

  • I found him hard to understand and judging my the number of times she had to repeat a single question I'm guessing she found him confusing also 🤣

  • Oh my god I had a Pitt that I had to put down (due to old age) named Nala that looked exactly like her she was 13……. I loved her she was very obidient and friendly but also my second Pitt and I am very disciplinarian to my dogs I guess that's why both of mine were such good animals

  • I think she gone go full Karen when aint no treats i didn't have to introduce so much treats

  • Tom, what size is the jacket you are wearing? I try to contact your website to order that jacket and have no respond whatsoever. Wondering the size in website are men size? or ?

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