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So, as you know, TLC is ALL about relationships. And we obviously talk about a whole-lotta (I made that word up) shizzz but today I am going to represent my single ladies in the dating world.

What I am finding, is there are some crimes being committed by my beautiful ladies who are out there mingling, especially on DATES!

Have you ever wondered why you or your girlfriend never got a call back from what you thought was a “lovely” date? Or maybe wonder why all your dates end with a big fat FAIL?

Todays TLC Thursday video is going to tell you what you may have been doing wrong and how to be successful with your dating!

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  • Thank you! This was great

  • Men, ask a female how many years she's been single in the last 5 years. If she says many, you know what she's been doing. AVOID

  • No. Talk about your past relationships. We can too. If men talk about ours to females, you will see how fn boring this ish is. Tell us your baggage so that we can avoid you quickly

  • "Today we're going into the does and donts of dating." Where is your ring?

  • How long should a first date be? How much info should one give about ones self

  • Min 7:00 one of the best advised for women when going out on a date…. If you want to look smarter than other women, put your phone away.

  • Yep I'm here to see females are expecting. Behind enemy line type vibes 😉. I should get the girl drunk to see her crazy side asap huh? Jk

  • Please, men, bros… if you want 1/2 your all your money in your bank and 401K taken, go ahead… date… get married. If you want to pay child support for another man's kids, go ahead… date… get married. If you want your money and parental rights stolen from you without a court hearing, go ahead… date… get married. If you want your house and car taken from you, go ahead… date. I triple-dog dare you. FYI: All these anti male laws are all brought to you by the democrat party, so I have NO idea why you all voting democrat. #votebluenomatterwho ?

  • Abandonment = Moral Injuries = Obstructive Sleep Apnea. So I really hope that you understand why you are rejected and you can keep your games and I will be less likely to die in my sleep

  • The older you get the better the chances that you don't have to settle. Because you chose to treat men like you did and karma is not going to play your games that you have been playing. Good luck with that and understand the truth of what women have done to men who treated them with dignity and respect. Yes now that it's clear. It's not my turn to be used. But good luck with that

  • I would ask a guy if they want kids, especially if they already have them, ideally even before I go out with them because why even waste one date with them (if you're not on the same page)? There are men that have no intentions of having kids…Also, there are men not looking for anything, so I would suggest finding out your dates intentions before potentially wasting your time with them…

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  • Love this! Also, women, if you want more dating advice from a real matchmaker, you've got to read Gina Hendrix's book called, "The Great Manhunt"!

  • I tick all your boxes 6 foot, six figure income fit. Buutt, thanks to feminism, metoo and hypergamy I am out . The risk of women is not worth the reward. No more marriage slavery for me.

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  • Very good points 👏 I’m gonna add one thing

    Ladies, DO NOT be needy!!!

  • I just realised she told the same to girls that we are told as guys

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  • Anyone else’s ears bleeding after the volume of that intro song in their headphones? 😂

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  • The most important advice was: GET OFF YOUR CELLPHONES!!!

  • If they boy/man is more on the feminine side they might be attracted to like saying let’s go to the park.(ie instead of answering on his suggestions make your own suggestions) like take charge in the date but don’t be do all say all.

  • Ladies, don't wear too much makeup

  • I have juat started dating and I am trying to keep my options open. And I am already feeling overwhelmed

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  • The last point about the cell phone was a really good one. I accept they're a part of life but if you can't leave it alone then it's likely to be a deal breaker.

  • fab

    If you girls have any issue with men then my advice would be to just work on your health and fitness. The more healthy and fit you are the more men will like you. You don’t have to think about this stuff. It’s like how men have PUA tactics. Thinking up all the ways to sleep with women and researching it like abs science. Then you have guys like Henry Cavill who never had to think about how to get a girl.
    So it works both way. Your success in dating is a reflection of your physical attractiveness. Period. That is ALL both men and women need to work on.

  • This girl sure is a "try-hard". Makes sense if you dont give any other value.

  • As a man, I dont want to hear anything a woman wants to say unless she is on her knees and my pants are down. Simple as that.

  • Guys, just do the complete opposite of what women tell you they works for me flawlessly

  • What are your thoughts on relationships that are 50/50 on bills ? I’ve been with my bf of 4 years and we have split mostly everything

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