Introduction to The Female Dating Strategy | The Female Dating Strategy Podcast Ep.1

Mic Check One two, one two…

We discuss our journey to FDS Wisdom and favorite posts so far…

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  • Go munch on carpet and leave males alone.

  • 44:55 NO you should not be having kids, get sterilized, you people will end up raising a mass shooter

  • 22:40 "I gotta have a woman that's 5 foot 7"

    Are you high? No man has ever said this, I dont even know if you mean shorter or taller. This is all just projection and trp for women.

  • I understand trying to adress certain methods of acting and thinking within groups of people, in this case men and women, but there seems to be less of a dialoge between those groups and more of both sides staying within their belief system and preaching to the choir so to say.

    But apart from that, I really do believe women tend to get f*cked over in society more than men, historically as well as at present, and there's still a long way to go to change this.

    I'm speaking strictly from my own experience of course. Just an example: I have never felt "unsafe" walking alone at night, and I feel like if I were a woman, I definitely would have. As I probably should have.

    I don't need to look up statistics to be sure men assault women more than women assault men, or maybe even women each other. There's a lot of degenerates out there and I read somewhere that the average male tends to be stronger physically speaking than the average female. This has a dangerous implication, especially in sex crimes, of which I would also guess men commit more against women than the other way around.

    I don't know where I'm going with this, It's a shame we have progressed so far and still engage in petty conflict. But a wise person once said: It do be like that sometimes.

  • Keep commenting boys, you just give us more fodder.

  • Go get em kweens!!! That 6'7 billionaire with a jacked body and a 500k salary will fly you to his private mansion on Mars on his spaceship why settle for less!!!

  • This was my first time listening to the podcast, though I’ve been on the subreddit for maybe a year. It’s was a great listen, I kept finding myself chuckling and nodding along. Thankyou for for doing this, keep up the awesome work! <3

  • Cant wait you joining in the Ukraine war. I mean as women its only equal

  • I got banned from the subreddit for saying both women and men should put equal effort into dating. The subreddit is literally the woman version of incels and neckbeards

  • Imagine being fatherless can’t be me lmao🤣

  • That's exactly how I was marketed FDS, somebody talking shit about it. I at first read it and was still a pickme, so I said nah. But the more times it was linked the more I was curious. I read the handbook and now I'm pretty on board. 🙂

  • Talk about misandry, jesus christ.

  • I don’t understand the whole “no porn” thing. There are some porn that does allow for the sexual liberation to show how both parties feel and would like to show to the world. I get it – there are some really gross BDSM stuff out there and these should definitely be banned. But if I’m not using porn, what am I going to use? Just think of a pussy? No – most likely everyone is going to be thinking of someone and isn’t that more dangerous ? Insinuating that pleasure = able to have mind sex with the girl of my dreams? Im treating the girl exacltly like an object in this case. I can’t project a relationship in my mind.

  • Oh yeah so glad there’s a podcast. I was running out of good cringe on the Reddit now I have hours of cringe to binge 😀

  • The raging incels in the comments speak for themselves . These girls are on to something!!!

  • I just wanted to see men get triggered in comments so funny

  • I just know these girls are damaged and don't see life realistically

  • Why don't you just date women?

  • Been to that subreddit. It's horrible 🤮🤢

  • OMG they have a podcast! My day has been made fuck yesss.

  • It's ironic to me they bring up incels when they are not to far from that ideology themselves.
    Hear me out.
    incels generalize all women and have negative, dehumanizing views, essentially believing all women are thrash. This is mostly rooted in rejection and loneness. Many incels use degrading terms for women such as foids, holes, FHO, etc.
    Have absurd standards for the women they want:
    must be young, very attractive virgin, not overweight, etc.
    Manly view women as a object of sex.

    No compare FDS,
    Generalize views about all men. Such opinions are based on feelings of rejection or bad interactions with a few people and spending time in eco chambers of misinformation. Use derogatory, dehumanizing terms for men, "scrote, LVM, ect.
    have absurd standards:
    must be tall, model tier good looks, rich, will pay for everything for me, will do 100% of the work. Literally too many to list.
    Only view men as an object for resources.

  • I feel bad for them to believe this wil upgrade their life….. its pure negative energy ladies. Being triggerd by basically all men on earth would make living a hard experience since you are sharring this planet with a lot of men and see them everyday would hate to feel thst way always

  • Awful, awful shit… Please ladies if you want to stay single forever and become a bitter cat lady, please follow FDS

  • Wow they really brang that hateful ass sub to YouTube, i dont care for overly opinionated women telling me that all men are disgusting and should all be murdered, im good thanks

  • 160 likes and 270 dislikes loooool

  • Also why is the orgasm disparity not a bigger deal to men? I can think few things the more emasculating to a fragile male ego (unfortunately I think we all know that most men's egos are quite fragile) than their inability to gratify their partner sexually. That's some shameful shit boys!!! And although I am sure some men are genuinely unaware, but I fear the much larger majority would rather engage in some pretty hardcore Cognitive dissonance in an attempt to hold together the fallacy that she is just as gratified by pleasing her man as she would be with an orgasm of her own or even if she doesn't orgasm it's still really great for her…. it's not and from what I have come to understand it's just as frustrating as the rare occasion in which we as men have sex but don't get to orgasms. So I feel like boys we've got some work to do if there's any chance of us making any kind of headway on closing this orgasm gap. I know there are things like that health Care gap, the income gap and maternal mortality during childbirth those are much more important gaps that we have to close as a society but I don't have the slightest idea how to do that or even where to start but I do know that I can strive for a 3 to 1 orgasm ratio in my marriage and if every man who is lucky enough to be granted entrance into a temple of the Feminine Divine the very least we can do is spend a little more time at prayer on our knees.

  • I just need to say as a man….. Not all men are like this only 97 to 98% at worst. Plus that's just counting straight men that number could drop as well as 95%, if we count homosexual men as they are rarely misogynistic pigs the ladies they date (granite not a large percentage of them date women as they are homosexual) so I just wanted to say as a heterosexual white male, that it's true not all men are assholes only the vast majority of them throughout human history. I have spent a lot of time around other men who assume that because a woman is not present it safe to speak freely, and it's much more vile and worse than I think most people think. Far worse than what our last pig of the president was recorded saying to Billy bush on the Access Hollywood tape should have ended his political career. Anyway ladies just wanted to say all the horrible things that you say about men are pretty fucking accurate, I fear the only cure maybe a sharp knife and a hot piece of metal for non-high value males.

  • If a woman doesn't plan on having children, does the man need pay for all of the dates?

  • I'm just here to gather incel tears for my hot tub.

  • So how did this FDS work for the hosts? Are you all now happily married and with kids?

  • S R

    Love these peak scrote stories

  • Great seeing FDS extending to other media and reaching out to a wider audience, keep pushing for equality ladies! Thank you for the great community! Thanks for all LVMs who kindly shared the content so far too!

  • Great podcast. I am being sincere because if I had been exposed to a genuine and balanced point of view from women I might have learned how to be a better human.

  • Liberal feminists are some of the most anti-women people out there

  • Yay ❤️❤️❤️🎉

  • Just found this sub. Love it!!

  • Guys, in a relationship there are 2 people. Both have their wants, needs and feelings. Respect each other and you'll find happiness with your partner

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