Dating Strategy to Help You Manage your Moods, Expectations, and BPD

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Dating is a complicated maze for all of us, and particularly for those with BPD. There are so many moving parts when you consider meeting someone else, being attracted to them, liking them and wanting more from the connection. In this video we’re going to discuss dating and BPD and the challenges involved, as well as the guidelines I discuss with my clients that helps them manage newly formed relationships that increases the probability for dating and relationship success.

For those with BPD, it’s common for them to feel an instant connection to someone else and for that connection to turn to a sense of intense emotional need. This is often in response to the common core content of emptiness. This connection, which is attraction, becomes distorted and powerful.
Those with BPD want to go deeper than the relationship is ready for, and they often reveal a lot about themselves early on in the first date or in the early part of the relationship. This is called the honeymoon phase. Everyone has a honeymoon phase, the whirlwind part of meeting, dating, exploring each other and so on. This is like a high for many people and it’s here that those with attachment issues and strong emotional needs build a perceived dependency to and on that other person, though the foundation is new and not solidified.
In many cases, when you push the relationship to become deeper than it is, the other person may go along for the ride for a while because these are “high times” (everything’s great), but soon after, when the curtain gets pulled back when actual intimacy should begin to build, the relationship becomes off balance and the other person is at a high likelihood to leave. When this relationship that seemingly had everything you needed in it, ends your core content of abandonment is activated which triggers emptiness, which sets off your other symptoms of your BPD. You may have been through this cycle many many times, but there’s something you can do about it. You need to treat your approach to dating and your self-disclosure like a book. We’ll call it, the “BPD Dating Book of Love”
Your BPD Dating Book of Love has 4 chapters:
Chapter 1: the meet, greet chapter.
Chapter 2: character exploration.
Chapter 3: Let’s get physical.
Chapter 4: intimacy.

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