Dating & Relationships in Medical School and Residency

Is it possible to have a happy and healthy relationship in medical school? I’m definitely not an expert but these are my thoughts.

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00:23 – Dating In vs Out of Medicine
01:56 – Tips for Being Successful
05:24 – Couples Matching
07:05 – Families in Medical School or Residency

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  • Thanks for watching! BTW, I'm definitely not an expert on this (just ask my exes). What is your experience of dating in medical school?

  • What about if you've never dated in your life before as a medical student graduating this year and going into residency? Do you have any tips on how to start changingng that around? I think residency is going to very hard for me and having never dated before – it's going to be EVEN harder to find someone. I've been content my whole life being single but at some point I don't want to be lonely forever.

  • I'm 13 and I've been thinking of going to med school since I love all forms of science, when I grow up ,but the many times I got discouraged with the fear of failing I would come back and watch Med School Insiders and your channel and its been so motivating to study harder and choose which stream I'd like to do with the '' So You Want To Be '' series, you've been so helpful. Thank you so much 🙂

  • My girlfriend studies cosmetic sciences.

  • 😶Indian couples are born to be in long distance relationships owing to our wonderfully strict parents.

  • I’m really anxious about getting into a relationship with a guy who is working to be a surgeon and I’m outside the field doing Food Science. I’m anxious because I’m big on quality time and obviously I’m very flexible but I know he’ll be busy all the time. Typically I don’t see my friends all the time or I’ll see them once a week and in my mind I would like to Integrate that type of time spent together in the budding relationship for example scheduling some time together but it’s really hard because he doesn’t really have a work schedule in his lab, they just call him in and that’s it. Idk I’m just scared. He’s literally the sweetest guy I’ve romantically talked to ever. He has so much respect for me and literally treats me like a queen. I think it seems like he wants to spend too much time taking care of me so I like to remind him to take so time for himself too. I genuinely want to get to know him better and potentially get into a long term relationship with him but I’m scared. I don’t want to feel abandoned and I know that’s the last thing he would ever want me to feel. Idk any kind words or words of motivation is welcomed. I have faith everything is going to be ok but I’m still anxious about it. Thanks to those who chose to read or comment. Much appreciated ❤️

  • lol, may answer in the future video haha

  • omg seeing him is so weird, being used with animations xdd. ngl he kinda looks like a plastic surgeon (handsome)

  • Love seeing your face ! I feel like I know you cause of the med insiders 😂

  • I want videos on research .

  • An Australian guy who 7 years old from Shanghai in China immigrated to Australia. He was born 1985 and English is his first language. he is good guy no smoke no wine, respect people, women and love family. He dreamy seeking of an Eastern Europe single doctor girl or single medic student girl to marriage. If single doctor or medic girl like talk to this guy, please use English only. This guy living in Melbourne.

  • dude you remind me of Barack Obama for some reason lol

  • is it harder to date if you're a med student compared to other types of students?

  • That moment when you study long and hard at medicine school but you are a low wage doctor on a small island

  • It's the same as dating an Entrepreneur

    You have to be patient
    Learn to date yourself
    Quality time is precious
    Always make time for each other

  • Going to get into a med school soon . You freaked me out already.

  • I've initially tried to avoid dating med students for very similar reasons to the ones you listed out. But then I met and started seeing this guy who turned out to also be a Med student (he's a senior and I'm a junior). Ironically, we both hid the fact we were medics on the dating app, so we still laugh a bit about that to this day. Both of us got very different side passions, but we are also very ambitiously driven and having Med did strengthen our bond in my case. We can never talk enough about Med, but we also talk about techs/politics/music/philosophy/etc. We love to mix pleasure with work and we only physically see each other once every 3 weeks so far due to being at distance and very busy, but we video call almost every day and text each other often to check-in. It can work as long as both people are willing! We do what we can, we support each other and we make the most out of everything. This is only my personal experience though 🙂

  • He’s a fellow and I’m a med student RIP 😭

  • Typically long distance relationships through residency don’t go well from what I’ve heard.

  • Okay but how do I meet people while being in med school aha?? I barely have time to do grocery shopping 😂😭
    Dating another med student doesn't work for me, because they are so focussed on medicine. But if I want to date outside of med school, I have to make time for a social life… And time I don't have 😌
    … or more like I'd rather spend my very scarce free time on myself, rather than putting that effort on some stranger.

  • Finding myself wishing I could be Kevin's intern 😶😁#crushing

  • I am halfway through med school ( my second career after a music major 😉 almost 10 years married, 3 children, my husband is a lawyer and i do sooo many things throughout the day. But i think God knows what he does, i don't like to talk a lot about medicine, but sometimes he gets interested and we are constantly learning new things and teaching each other and we also do the "protected time" on weekends with our children and with eachother when i have nights off…

  • This is not my first time watching a video on this channel, but I swear once you start binging his videos, his face gets longer and longer

  • Ece

    this may sound like a weird question but do you know if most doctors end up with partners that they met in/during medical school or residency? (trying to not lose hope lmao)

  • L S

    Commenting as a non-medicine individual dating a second year IM resident. I wouldn't say that the largest challenge is the "lack of understanding" more so as it is, the feeling of isolation that can come with dating someone who is always busy and tired. BUT I will say this, I am so proud of him every single day. And for the time that we do get to spend together, it's always so special. We make moments count and that's what matters. My advice to the non-medicine partner is to focus on your professional career as well and things that make you happy outside of the relationship. If they are someone worth dating, your support will never be taken for granted.

  • S G

    Hahahaha Dr J simply always has whatever I have going on in my life answered 😂😂😂

  • It sucks.. your both broke and usually studying or stressed

  • all my relationships failed in nursing school lol. I did date my classmate for a while, but she was very competitive. she'd always compare tests scores , while i was only happy to pass. Sadly, I guess sometimes its best to wait for things to come to you, rather than to search for the one.

  • im a software engineer and my boyfriend is unemployed. hes gonna be the one doing all the housework and taking care of kids when we get married probably

  • You sain "medicine" like a billion times

  • Being in medicine means ur tired all the fucking time and you feel bad for not spending time with your partner

  • liked your thoughts…I felt similarly…oh yah and why are you single LOL JK

  • One can’t buy his/her time back.

  • I agree with buying back your time Hire the housekeeper, the nanny, and the gardener.

  • Yes yes yes Tell the truth about being on call. Tell them if you have to answer to phone no matter what.

  • Contrary to popular belief, sufficient sleep is necessary for best health.

  • Kevin, can you make a video where you explore more the topic of passive income specifically for doctors (talking about real estate and other ways of achieving it) 😁

  • I hate romances but reading med school dating stories are my guilty pleasure.

  • What if one is a fourth year and a second year ,

  • Cancer dating, I ship 😍

  • My boyfriend and I are in the same class and it’s been a year now 🙂 I would not say that you should not talk about medicine because it’s your common passion. What is the most important is to communicate and tell your partner when it’s too much for you. Some protected time together is definitly a good thing. And the biggest challenge is to avoid competition.

  • I wish there were a way of meeting fellow med students at the same or other medical schools with similar interests as yours. Even meeting someone at your own medical school but in a different class year can be difficult. Very little interaction. It can be isolating especially when you’re so busy studying to be able to find the right avenue to meet someone with your niche nerdy interests.

  • So true about talking about medicine. Thats why medical burnout is so high. Its important to have other interests in life so that you don't burnout.

  • S H

    Why are you starting to look like Obama 😆

  • u are so smart and handsome, it’s impossible for u to be single….

  • Day in the life of an american in a medical school abroad like Ireland please

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