Dating and Relationships w/ Michaela Okland — FULL EPISODE

Sending so much love to Michaela and Mat’s Family and Friends during this difficult time. 🤍

TW: suicide

Two Hot Takes host, Morgan, is joined by Michaela Okland, the gal behind She Rates Dogs and She Rates Dogs: The Podcast!! This episode dives in to stories relating to relationships and dating.. some more light hearted and buggy than others. Stories include some listener write ins about a woman whose boyfriend is comparing her to his ex and a woman whose boyfriends brother may have a crush on her… On to the Reddit Stories.. which include a woman whose boyfriend showed his mom their sex painting, another woman whose bae is eating ants, a woman whose husband is getting in character by being a beetle and hiding under their couch, a woman whose fiancé got mad she wouldn’t share her food, and a guy who threw away his girlfriend’s dead best friends shirt…

Michaela also blesses us with some quality She Rates Dogs material. Be sure to check out her podcast for more!!

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AITA for throwing away my husband’s couch? He is pretending to be a beatle and it’s driving me nuts from copypasta

AITA For refusing to apologize for throwing away my dinner instead of letting my fiance have it? from AmItheAsshole

OP threw away his girlfriend’s treasured momento from her deceased best friend and just "doesn’t get" why she’s making such a big deal over it. from BestofRedditorUpdates

AITA for throwing away my girlfriend’s dead best friends t-shirt? from AmItheAsshole

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  • I went to jail because someone spit in my face…. True story.

  • The guy who spit in his girlfriend or wives food is sociopathic!!!!!

  • Willing to bet the boyfriend that threw the shirt away 100% knew and took advantage of the situation. I bet he has a history of negativity about the best friend and that was her last straw.

  • What if the brother is testing the girl while his brother is away.

  • okay- the thrown out t-shirt story- clearly he is an asshole, but some girls pull stuff out of the sky when they are mad and lie about stuff to make their family and friends be mad with them, it's possible he never said anything, he gets one point for calling the sister, but im guessing she didnt relay the message that he contacted her trying to fix it.

  • how hard is it to ask and not feel entitled, "hey babe, that smells really good do you mind if I have some?"…or "can you make me something the smell of your food is making me hungry?" like what #braindead

  • At the very end with the last last last guy. Yea we can’t feel shit with condoms on, on top of already being circumcised, that’s why he said the selfish part. With there being 20 different kinds of birth control for women and only 1 for men that’s a whole different thing, watching too much porn doesn’t make you numb to sex otherwise guys would be the ones faking it 😂😂

  • hold on, ever consider that the boyfriend that accidentally threw out the Tshirt isnt the problem but the gf is so upset that shes just talking mad shit about him to everyone. This man went above and beyond to fix his mistake and for him to not understand after this amount of time has passed why it is still so important is kinda understandable. Everyone handles grief differently. This girl is not her sister but her best friend and we are told that even her parents are getting rid of her stuff and moving on. Why not the gf? maybe their was more to this friendship that the gf is letting on.

  • I dated a guy named Derek for 2.5 years then dates another Derek for about 3 months after that.. my current boyfriend (been with for 3 years) and I were going to a movie and we smoking a J in the parking lot beforehand and my brother called and I told him I was a movie with Derek… (this was only a month or so into us dating I believe, we were not bf/gf yet) Jason looked at me and went. "My.. my name is Jason.." I looked at him and I'm sure my eyes were as big as saucers and I started profusely apologizing because I had been so used to one name for so long it just came out. imagine my fear of accidentally saying it in bed when we started hooking up.. thank god it never happened but embarrassing.

  • Honestly, if he got casted as the bug in that play, he's essentially practicing, clicking and hissing is most of what that character does. He got the worst part imo lol, someone screwed him over casting him.

  • As soon as he spit in my food, I would have thrown it at his face.

  • The photos of The Metamorphosis is from the ballet when the Royal Ballet performed it. It's fantastic, kind of grotesque, but fantastic. So not the production Mr. beetle man in the story was xD but most likely the same story

  • Michaela …. girl, are you ok? 😂 you wanna stab everyone. I cannot. 🤣

  • I wish function of beauty didn’t have coconut oil in it because I will have hives if i touch it

  • As an introverted person i say no thank you and run away lol. Like some guy was trying to get my friend and i's numbers yelling out of his car window qnd i literally said no thank you and ran inside 😂

  • The "Taylor story" reminded me of my first ex:
    We were on a call (I was on a vacation with my family he was at home and they were on a trip where I couldn't go cause I had sprained my ankle any my friend couldn't go so she took care of me with her boyfriend and they left to buy food) so then he said: "Hey um someone just came and my mother wants me to go meet them I will be back but I will mute so you don't hear crying or something." (He had a 1 year old sister so he did that always when he was leaving me wait on call. Nothing weird.) so I was just waiting but he forgot to mute after I heard the little one crying. I said what ever I will just tell him he forgot when he comes. But to my surprise I hear my best friend talking and giggling while coming up with him. So I muted my mic and started recording the sound, I did not mute my sound. I just hear them starting to make out. So my heart broke but I didn't cry or anything I just listened more. When they wanted to go to the next stage (also we were all underage for this stuff) so I just unmute and he had me on speaker to hear if I look for him I guess so he won't get caught or something. So I just unmute and say: "Are you having a good time Thomas? I think you should at least check twice if you're muted. Oh and Molly I will see what Jackson thinks about this bye." and hang up. Jackson and I went after on a movie and a coffee place to talk. Now we are still friends he found out he's gay and has an amazing boyfriend Kyle. I went through some relationships but now I am single and happy. We went to a party few week ago and I saw Molly. That's where it gets good. She was pregnant. With twins. So you could imagine how she looked. She was drinking so she could get rid of it cause she was still very young. (Thomas is the baby daddy) So she's drunk, he's hooking up with her sister. I found that out through Kyle after we were leaving. So we just went to McDonald's and were laughing that might have been us if we didn't find out.

    I am laughing about this and it's great. Also all names in this comment are fake because I do not want to expose someone if you know a pregnant Molly who's baby daddy is a Thomas. But I hope y'all enjoyed this story.

  • Love listening to you guys, I enjoy it all. My problem is how its so bad that the boyfriend got rid of the shirt. It's been 3 years since she told him. Not only that but he gave her the bag to go through and how is it his fault if she didn't go through the whole bag? She got mad and he felt like shit and did his best to either get the shirt back or secure another piece for her. He did everything he could to fix it. Not his fault at this point. Its hers. She didn't look through the bag, he is the one cleaning out their space. He is the one doing shit. She was too busy to even tell him to put it aside so she can go thru it later. No. She looked at a couple items and said it's good. He didn't have to do shit from that point, but he did. Hearing you guys says that he isn't worth it is bullshit. This is what makes "fuck boys" you guys are too young to understand what a real man is worth. Before you start talking like I don't know just realize that I am raising my kids on my own

  • Omg, the hand on my tights is my worst nightmare everytime I'm talking to a guy. Because of childhood traumas I always freeze when they do that (and no, I never indicate that they are free to do that, they just do) and then I never speak to them again.
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your podcast! It's helping me to set so many boundaries with people.

  • "I dont want anyone to come in and talk to me for hours" … while literally recording hours long podcast! 🤪🙃🤭

  • I recently started listening to both of your podcasts and they are so fricking good and entertaining. I love listening to you guysespecially while biking to and from work. So keep up the good work guys 😊

  • The spit in the food one is just clear contempt, one of the Four Horsemen in relationships, the theory from the Gottman Institute. It’s one of the predictors of a relationship not lasting. There is NO respect in that relationship.

  • Mu boyfriend called me his exes name by mistake once when I was not there. When he was talking about an event me and him would be going to and his family was like, why should you go to this thing with your ex? He called me up and explained it and that he had no idea why he said that. Bless his heart, it's no problem to mess up names once in a while

  • Rip Matt 🤍 I hope they find that asshole soon and charge him/her soon. You deserved more. 🥺🤞🏼

  • The 20 year old wanting to eat her food is being a child wow. Hope they don't get married cause yikes

  • I G

    Going over to your boyfriends mothers home to help… and they treat you like that. You are not the asshole. They are emotionally abusive.

  • It’s sorts of shitty to our partners to have to say to someone else that’s interested “sorry, I have a boyfriend” like no I’m not sorry. I’m very happy with my partner. It should just be I’m already in a happy relationship. No need to apologize to some stranger.

  • Ant Eater can come to my house for a little while 😅 🐜

  • the referral to Kafka´s The Metamorphosis as "that horrifying play" and the image of a guy cast as Gregor Samsa hiding under the couch all day with a cardboard box to be the "beetle" and do "beeteling" is honestly the most hilarious thing i CAN´T
    Like this is TRIPLE as funny to anyone who knows The Metamorphosis. I´m only referring to Samsa as "Beetle guy" from now on.

  • yeah if someone spit in my food i’d dump them immediately

  • your sweet dad and his big camcorder 😭 i love him

  • Girl i just listen so its all good

  • A regular condom can fit over a adult human head! If he says he can't wear one due to size issues. He's lying.

  • Spit boy enraged me. What an entitled prick.

  • First off your voice sounds like Bridget from girls next door! Second I’m a COTA and found this podcast few days ago and had no idea you were an OTR, that’s awesome! And the fact you brought up princess diaries, we could be best friends lol!

  • Something tells me the shirt boy was jealous, like he threw out the shirt and is now being kinda a dick about it. Belittling how she feels, claims he didn’t even pay attention to the story buuuut in this Reddit story he seems to understand how important it is. I bet he DID know the story, but is maybe jealous she cares about this dead best friend so much, and being selfish about part of her heart being for her friend. Something tells me he threw out the shirt on purpose, and that he isn’t telling us the full truth. Something tells me an event took place to drive him to that. Overall, his telling of the story seems to be utter BS.

    Edit: yup with the update about the “you don’t get to have an opinion on her” he is definitely harboring resentment towards the friend. And he is definitely keeping details out of the post trying to garner sympathy and support from people on the internet, so he can say he was justified. And him being like “I don’t know what my gf told the sister” now he is blaming the gf and sorta implying she lied. “She can’t even call me to dump me” fuuuuuuck him

  • The gamer bf who spit in the food. It isn't the games I'm sure cause my bf games a lot and he is literally wonderful and would not ever act that way lol. Unless he only plays any EA game that isn't Titanfall or NFS: Heat. 😂 Sus

  • I was hoping on the Shawn one at the end, was just a joke! I was praying it was sarcasm, cuz to be real I would say something like that but 100% joking

  • Me and my partner both are avid gamers and violent games absolutely don't make you violent, the men who are misogynistic who play games are misogynistic and violent before games

  • Be Bug man. Not Diabetes man

  • ummmmm i also live in LA so if/when you find the tickets to that play please post them lol

  • Re: the douche that spit in his girlfriend's food-I don't know if he was trying to show dominant behavior. That's not the vibe I get. I think he's a spoiled little b*tch boy. Imo, he smelled what she was cooking & that's what he wanted. And he was being lazy & didn't want to put the effort into reheating seperate food. He was having a tantrum & lashing out like a spolied 2 year old. And like you said, food is a basic need & he is disregaeding hers or thinks she should give him what he wants & if there's not enough for her on the plate, he probably thinks she should reheat the leftovers. I truly hope she dumped his sorry ass.

  • For the second story -it is super hard to say no to someone close (family, worketc) because you do feel scared and you are worried. I have been in that situation at work few times. But to strangers I also say No thank u😂😂😂

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