7 Best Dating Tips From A Dating Coach

Visit 👉 http://www.stephanspeaksshop.com – 7 Best dating tips from a dating coach is a relationship advice video for men and women where I will share my 7 best dating tips from the perspective of a certified dating coach. As a dating coach, I focus on providing healthy dating tips and relationship tips for men and women. Dating can become very frustrating and exhausting for many people causing individuals to try to figure out how dating works creating room for dating coaches.

There are good dating tips given as well as bad ones and this made me feel like I should share with you my 7 best dating tips. As a dating coach, I would like to give you only healthy dating tips that will lead to healthy relationships. Below are the 7 best dating tips from a dating coach that I discuss in this video;

1. Be yourself 1:34

Many people go into dating with their representatives. When you are dating and you show them your representative, your partner will develop an attachment to the representative, and the moment your true self comes out, they will not want it anymore. My best dating tip as a dating coach is you should always be yourself and avoid dating with your representative.

2. Do not waste your time 4:35

Many people let situations linger on way too long more than it should have. My best dating tip is you should not waste your time and learn how to spot the red flags and address them. If your partner is unwilling to correct learn to cut things off very quickly. The quicker you can stop wasting your time, the quicker you can be available to receive your best fit.

3. Focus on the positive 7:11

Many people go into dating projecting negativity and when you project negativity into your experiences you carry negative energy with you. As a dating coach, the dating tip I give you is to focus on things that increase your positive energy because that will allow you to see more clearly if this is really it or not.

4. Make sure you have healed 11:03

When you have not healed you are blinded from seeing what you need to see, which blocks you from having healthy relationships. Healing is one of my best dating tips because when you heal, you will love yourself more enabling you to evaluate people better when you meet them.

5. Do not dwell in disappointment 13:02

When you dwell in disappointment you end up staying in a negative place, which will bring you down hindering you from experiencing something successful. My best dating tip is to give yourself a short period to grieve and then move on.

6. Self-reflect and keep improving 15:41

You need to hold yourself accountable for things that you could have improved or handled differently because it strengthens you and makes you a better person. As a dating coach, my dating tip is if you self reflect and implement the lessons from your past into your new experience, you’re going to learn how to have better dating experiences and healthy relationships

7. Focus on connection 18:00

We need a connection when dating in order to strengthen, hold our relationships together, and have healthy relationships. A connection goes much deeper and it is either there or it is not. We cannot create a connection or destroy it. My best dating tip will be you need to focus on finding the person you have a connection with because you will be able to get on the same page and have an amazing successful healthy relationship.

As a certified life coach, dating coach, and relationship coach who provides dating tips as well as relationship tips and dating advice for both men and women, I want to make dating and relationships easier for you, and I pray that you find this video helpful. If you are asking yourself the following questions;

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Well, I believe this dating and relationship advice video will give you the clarity you need.

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I hope you enjoyed my video “7 Best Dating Tips From A Dating Coach”

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  • i recently met a great woman and found great connection.chemistry out of the blue.i was myself.your a great coach mate

  • Guys… please, if you want 1/2 your all your money in your bank and 401K taken, go ahead… date… get married. If you want to pay child support for another man's kids, go ahead… date… get married. If you want your money and parental rights stolen from you without a court hearing, go ahead… date… get married. If you want your house and car taken from you, go ahead… date. I triple-dog dare you. FYI: All these anti male laws are all brought to you by the democrat party, so I have NO idea why you all voting democrat. @/votebluenomatterwho ?

  • He said oh I'm so into you I can see us together your wife and material💃 once I said I wasn't spreading my legs after that date 🙅he took me home and I didn't even hear from him the next day🤔

  • This is fake seriously it's unrealistic

  • This is great advice. Thanks Stephan <3

  • Advice #2 hit me so hard it's not even funny. I just went through the worst 4 months OF MY LIFE trying to desperately force a "friend" into being a "girlfriend". This girl was the definition of a shoe that doesn't fit for countless reasons, but I tried to make it fit anyway. It was a fruitless waste of time and it tore me apart emotionally each and every day, I wanted to cry when I woke up and cry when I went to sleep because I couldn't get her to be more than "just friends". Being in my mid-30s and never successfully managing to have ANY kind of friendship with an attractive girl, I feared that if this feel through I'd have to wait years or even decades for another opportunity. All the texting, the cute emojis, the calls, the gift exchanges, the "I cooked you dinner because I love you", the flirting back and forth at the gym…. all a waste of time. She was never going to date me, never going to have sex with me, let alone love me and if I had listened to this coach I would saved myself 4 months of absolute hell. It was a valuable lesson, one that almost killed me from having a broken heart. Ironically the thing that saved me was the thing I feared most, she quit seeing me and stopped flirting via text and calls. I would have keep clinging on an puppy dog until I finally broke. I felt like I was suffocating from lack of air when she stopped coming to the gym to see me and stopped calling me on the phone. Her choosing to cut/reduce contact hurt like a gunshot to the belly, but ultimately was the only way I could accept the reality and start healing.

    The fault was purely mine, she did say from the moment I met her that she had a long distance BF and wasn't interested in a dating relationship. I should have cut it right then and right fucking there.

  • These are so good. If you're a woman reading this, and you want an advice from a real matchmaker's perspective, go grab and read Gina Hendrix's book called, " The Great Man Hunt"!

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  • Thank you so much for sharing! You’re amazing person!!

  • Win the lottery and you don't have to do nothing.
    A guy won the lottery one day and the girl he had a crush on texted him and said, I thought we were going to hang out and have sex?
    The end

  • Are the dating sites worth it? Been off and on them and not finding anyone.

  • WhatsApp him a message now

  • He once help me get my partner back

  • Ten fifteen years ago there was no such thing as dating coach.what Qualify a person to be a dating coach.what subject you need to have.all of a sudden you people just popping out the woodwork’s telling men they need to do this to keep a women and they need to do that.

    The only thing a man need to do is focus on his Purpose and his dreams.all of you so call dating coaches is a bunch of ish.one person telling a man this the other telling a man that.women are Complicated creatures.not even they know what they want.

  • Never let anyone convince you to have sex on the first date.

  • Great video and information! Thank you.

  • No matter how attracted I am, to a man when meeting him, I go in with no expectations,, I accept him at face value and give him the genuine me,, if the man has a great energy and for some reason we just don’t connect, then oh well we can be friends and keep it moving,, God will show your beautiful soul to the right man for you 🙏🏽 I’m going to keep an open heart,, and keep doing and loving me,,God is sooo good to me and I’m sooo grateful ♥️

  • The best tip is go to DRC, BARBADOS, Colombia, Germany, South Korea… American dating is a LOST CAUSE FELLAS!

  • Include God in the dating process…Be authentic, be transparent & clear about your intentions…take things slowly, pray without ceasing, allow things to unfolding organically, listen to God possibly speaking through those red flags, act on your wisdom, knowkedge/observations & trust the process….God knows best💯

  • I know one thing if the sex is bad I'm gone 🏃🏃🏃

  • That was on point with pretty much everything I’m going through…crazy! Thank you for the inspiration… I know I’ll get past it I’m strong!!

  • Stephan…..you could’ve stopped at #1 and made a whole segment about that 🤔.

  • Hello Stephan, do you have any dating tips for introverts?

  • Was once stuck in a relationship that wasen't going anywhere because I was afraid of being alone. I prayed to God to give me courage to walk away, and one day I did. Rediscovered myself, loved myself and felt healthy and healed emotionally.

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  • You were born for this coaching position, your precision in giving relationships advice is formidable…and I have great respect for you. Indeed, you are truly gifted. I'm glad to have been guided to your program.

  • Don't put up a "Please choose me" attitude. When most people smell desperation, they'll flee or take advantage.
    YES isn't always God's default answer, there is also NO & WAIT. 😇

  • I can only Be! Me😊Still Good info. 🏆

  • I was in a situation just as you are talking about, but you know what, I ask him a few questions and our communication stopped. I said if I didn't get a response from him, I'll have my answer. I gave him a few days to think about it, however he never responded to my questions, and you know what? It was over for me. You can't have all of me, when you can't give me all of you! Your time, your love, and a commitment. One way relationship will never work out, it doesn't work like that, it takes two two committed people to make it work.

  • C C

    I think it’s important to be clear on what you are looking for from the outset so intentions are clear from both

  • Thanks so much Sir for really helping people out with relationships issues on a truthful terms. God bless you.

  • I enjoy watching i learn alot God bless you is there a number I can get to you please and thanks

  • please make an in dept video about the deep connection <3 very important topic!!

  • I am so much better with realizing if they are not the one, and moving on, I don’t have any more time to waste on the wrong person. Dating used to be a drag, but now that I know myself and know what I’m looking for it’s an adventure. Another opportunity to meet the one God has for me 😁

  • That's interesting you say that, I give myself 3 days to recover then I find myself feeling refreshed and renewed 🙏🏾

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  • I ask the question because I find your advice useful but I realize that most if not all of the videos I have watched focuses on persons who dont have kids factored into a relationship.

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